Domination and The Dark Alliance – two new amazing maps from Fred (ERA 3)

This mod contains two seperate, Expert XL maps. Mod isn’t compatible with other mods. It is best to add this to it’s own Era 3 folder. Perform a clean installation of ERA 3 and then download and install Fred’s Maps for Era 3.
Only the following wog options should be checked(AND the mithril scripts, which won’t likely be checked here):

Fred’s Maps for Era 3 (official download, 570 MB)
Freds Maps for ERA 3 (alternative link,
Authors: fred79, FanofHeroes, Salamandre and RerryR

*works with clean ERA 3

Domination“, a possible multi-player map where you play as one good/neutral faction against multiple other solo good/neutral factions and a trio of evil factions.

The Dark Alliance“, a single player map where you play as the aforementioned unified evil factions against the others; who have teamed up against the evil trio.

The Dark Alliance

The Dark Alliance

fThe Dark Alliance

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