Fheroes 2 update v1.0.13 with adjusted difficulties for many campaign scenarios

Dear players of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and fheroes2 project supporters. The team is thrilled to announce the release of 1.0.13 version of fheroes2 project! We continue to enhance the engine every month to provide the best experience for you and all players.

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Users of touch screen devices will be pleased to learn that team have implemented a slide-to-scroll feature for all in-game lists, enhancing gameplay and intuitiveness. Additionally, we have added a slide-to-attack action during battles, improving playability on small screens such as mobile phones.

Campaigns have received updates as well: team adjusted difficulties for many scenarios and fixed the logic regarding carry-over troops in campaigns, bringing the Normal difficulty experience even closer to the original game. As always, they made graphical improvements to the engine. Many texts have been corrected and translated, application loading times have been reduced, and multiple rendering issues have been fixed to polish the engine even further. Even tiny improvements are significant to make the best possible gameplay experience.

The work on the Editor continues. Team (re)implemented the Eraser tool, which is vastly superior to the one in the original game. Additionally, they have addressed several issues with objects and their rendering, and added logic to load maps for playing. The team still needs to complete multiple tasks in order to deliver a complete and stable Editor to the public. In total, more than 30 issues have been fixed in this release.


  • Improve list scrolling and add slide to attack action on touch devices
  • Adjust campaign difficulties and fix carry over mechanics for campaigns
  • Update numerous texts and UI elements
  • Add the Eraser tool for the Editor (accessible only for developers at the moment)
  • Over 30 issues have been closed since the 1.0.12 release

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