Fheroes 2 update with adjustments to the AI’s performance according to the difficulty level

The team is excited to announce a new version of the fheroes2 project – 1.0.12 as the first update of this year! The team have made many changes in several aspects of the engine since the last release, and we are happy to share the details with you.

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First of all, team made important adjustments to the AI’s performance according to the difficulty level. This is especially noticeable on Easy and Normal difficulties, and this will help players who are struggling with these difficulty levels.

Secondly, the behavior of the AI heroes has been updated for several Adventure Map objects: for most objects the information available to the AI is now much more fair. Additionally, the AI will now expand its territory much more efficiently.

Lastly, the team made significant improvements concerning the AI’s defensive battle tactics and surrender logic. The AI will apply more sophisticated tactics during battles, increasing the challenge for players. Also, now the AI will decide between surrendering or retreating from battles, just like human players do. All of these changes will make the AI a more formidable opponent for many players.

The second biggest area of progress is of course the Editor. The team has finished adding all of the objects present within the game into the Editor. Fheroes2 team have also updated the new map format to accommodate for future changes and to expand it with new features. Most of the work is now done, but there are several tasks remaining before releasing the brand-new reworked Editor to players and map makers.

The fheroes2 Editor is being built with the aim to be much more accessible and easier to work with compared to the original Editor. On top of this, the team spent time polishing multiple UI dialogs, improving performance of image and resource loading, fixing logic issues of Adventure Map objects, and updating several translations. In total, more than 50 issues have been fixed in this release.

All adventure map objects are available to be placed and save on new fheroes2 maps.

AI heroes can surrender in certain conditions now.

  • Improve AI’s defensive tactics in battles and add surrender logic
  • Finish adding all of the Adventure Map objects that can be added in the Editor (accessible only for developers at the moment)
  • Adjust the AI performance at different difficulty levels and improve its logic on the Adventure Map
  • Update several UI dialogs and improve overall game performance
  • Over 50 issues have been closed since the 1.0.11 release

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