Master of Magic’s Scourge of the Seas DLC is out now

Scourge of the Seas, is out now on Steam. This latest expansion contains an ocean of new content including three new heroes with unique skills, four powerful new wizards, and monstrous new Kraken bosses.

Where to buy:
Master of Magic on GOG.COM and STEAM
or try Master of Magic Classic

Introduced in Scourge of the Seas, the Scourgers are a new playable race that is capable of traversing the sea and land effortlessly. This group of former orcs turned pirates, have become cursed and have transformed into spectral beings that are driven purely by their lust for greed and envy. As well as their flexible methods of traversal, the Scourgers have their own unique buildings and units to enhance their abilities.

The DLC also contains three new heroes which come with their own captivating stories and unique events. Named Ph’ym the Philomath, Big Berta, and Slithers the Sea Scourge, these heroes are available to lend their services to the highest bidder.

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