ERA 3 Launcher update 2.957 + changelog

ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (ERA 3), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP). Please update game via “game control”.

ERA 3 Launcher
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ERA 3 Launcher update 2.957 changelog:

– Fixed losing command when loading save game during battle – thanks to igrik;

#WoG Scripts:
– Mithril Enhancement: Added a switch (i^wog_149_legacyHD_on^)_ to use old script in order to be compatible with old HD mod – thanks to Archer30;
– Battle Academy: Fixed possible to read msg from AI turn – thanks to Archer30;
– Magic Mushroom: Fixed possible erm error – thanks to Archer30;
– Death Chamber: Added possibility to change the creature type of Undead King by erm – thanks to Archer30;
– Warlord banner quick options: Added two new options, save/restore the current banner option – thanks to igrik;
– Enhanced War Machines I/II: Fixed non-siege battle not ending when all the creatures with only Catapult alive (because catapult was considered as normal creature instead of a machine) – thanks to Archer30;

#ERA Scripts:
– Field Repairs: Fixed the descriptions of war machine secondary skills when the option is disabled – thanks to Archer30;
– Skeleton with artifacts: Added possibility to change the creature type of Skeleton Guard with erm – thanks to Archer30;

– Fixed Multiple casts feature when the hero has no spell book – thanks to Archer30;

– Added the address for parsing TCommand.txt – thanks to Archer30;

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  1. faust.twi

    i believe era developers should unite with vcmi developers and develop wog-like features for vcmi.


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