How to install modifications for VCMI

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We recommend you first make a copy of clean Heroes 3 Complete folder. Download and extract [Heroes 3] VCMI package (or Daily Build, if necessary).  Copy “Data“, “Maps” and “Mp3” from Heroes III to VCMI 0.99 folder. WoG / ERA II / Horn of the Abyss is not needed.

VCMI 0.99

1. After copying, VCMI 0.99 folder should look something like this:

2. Select the modification you want to install. In the example we will use a modification Factory Town.

Factory Town 

3. Download and extract [VCMI] Factory Town package into the Mods folder.


4. After extract, Heroes 3 Complete / Mods folder should look something like this:


5. Now it is necessary enable the Factory Town modification. Run the file VCMI_launcher.exe. In the VCMI Launcher, locate the Factory Town and click Enable.


All recommended mods and files can be downloaded via VCMI Launcher.

6. All done. You can run the game directly through VCMI Launcher, or run the VCMI_client.exe.

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