Forge Town v1.4 (VCMI)

Forge 1.4 now available – new alternative units, heroes, buildings and more. The mod works only with the latest VCMI Daily builds.

  • new level 3 creature – Bionic Troopers / Cyborgs as alterantive choice of Aronists / Pyromaniacs. They have special Overload ability (can cast on other cyborg troops in army spell that incereases speed, damage and attack and decreases HP and defence. In short – makes Bionic Troopers/Cyborgs glass cannon unit
  • two new heroes: Hergon and Rialdo
  • new war machine available in Blacksmith: Supply Cart (+10% damage for shooters)
  • some new decorations
  • lots of improved graphics
The Forge
How to install modifications for VCMI
VCMI Daily Builds

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