Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars is a total conversion of Heroes III dedicated to the fairy-tale atmosphere and graphic style of its prequel, Heroes II. The modification adds a lot of new content, such as creatures, castles, and artifacts to name a few, and provides fresh gaming impressions as well as a great amount of nostalgic feelings at the same time.

The Succession Wars Installation:

  1. You need a CLEAN Heroes 3 SoD/Complete directory. No mods, including WoG, HotA or HD!
  2. Download H3SW v0.8.1 installer.
  3. Unpack the modification to the game directory.
  4. Launch h3sw.exe for the game and h3swmaped.exe for the map editor. 
Succession Wars v0.8.1
The Succession Wars HD mod settings:
  1. HD Mod must be installed over the game+H3SW chain. If you mess up the installation order, you will have to do some more additional actions to fix the situation.
  2. To adjust HD Mod settings you need to find the era.ini file: <Heroes 3>/Mods/The Succession Wars 0.8.1/_HD3_Data/Settings/era.ini To change the in-game resolution from 800х600 to a desired one and to change the HD Mod graphics mode, you will need to manually change the lines <Graphics.Resolution> and <Graphics.Mode>. IMPORTANT: changing these settings in the HD Mod Launcher will not do anything!
  3. Recommended HD Mod Settings: <Graphics.Resolution> = from 800х600 (native) to 1440х900 (depends on your monitor width). You also can experiment with the resolution, but keep in mind that too many bright elements on the screen will not be comfortable for playing. <Graphics.Mode> = 2 (32 bit GDI) or 0 (16 bit). You also can try other modes, but we do not recommend using 32 bit True because it leads to problems with in-game fonts display and causes instability in the game. <Graphics.SystemCursors> = 0. Do not turn on system cursors! They lead to instability of the game on some computers.
Succession Wars v0.8.1

Autori modifikácie Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars Mod, sľubujú vydanie oficiálnej hrateľnej verzie do konca roka 2015, takže majú necelé dva mesiace. Držím všetky palce na rukách, ale aj nohách aby stíhali, po Horn of the Abyss bude Succession Wars u mňa najočakávanejším projektom zo sveta Heroes 3.

Prerod celého prostredia Heroes 2 do Heroes 3 im ide neskutočne dobre, už hrateľná beta verzia naznačovala obrovský potenciál, ale ako autori spomínajú, už je značne zastaralá a nová verzia už disponuje ďalšími a ďalšími novinkami. Odteraz všetky dôležité informácie o Succession Wars budú na tejto stránke, teda popis hradov, hrdinov, jednotiek, artefaktov a viac, samozrejme až po vydaní najnovšej verzie.

Dovtedy zostáva len kochať sa obrázkami z hry.





Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars v0.8 Official Trailer


  1. AvatarEl Sekay

    awesome mod dude! thanks.

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, all thanks belong to the authors of the modification, Orzie and his team 🙂


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