How to install ERA 3 Gaming build

Heroes 3 ERA Gaming build contains the latest version of ERA v3HD modERA ScripsUnleashed Map Editor, XXL maps support and BattleQueue mod (for the mod to work, your game resolution must be at least 1076×630 pixels wide.) in one installation package!

ERA Gaming build
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

Step 1. – Installation of Heroes 3 Complete

For the installation it is required to have Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete from GOG.COM installed on your computer. Do not use s*itty RIP versions from the internet! 

An important step is choosing the right destination folder where Heroes 3 Complete is installed. Click on the “Browse” button and click your way to the Heroes 3 Complete folder. I have my game installed directly on the C drive c:\gog gamess\HoMM 3 ERA 3 Gaming Build v1.33Do not install the game in a “Program Files” folder. Click “Install”.

Step 2. – ERA Gaming build installation

Download and run installation package, then select Heroes 3 Complete folder. Do not install this build on already installed versions of WoG or HotA. Click “Install” button.

Just click Accept.

Just click Accept.

Select Heroes 3 Complete folder and click Install.

Select Heroes 3 Complete folder and click Install.

Step 3. – ERA Start Menu

After a successful installation, the ERA Start Menu appears automatically. If not, you can launch it from the Desktop. Click Mod Manager.

ERA Gaming Build Start Menu

ERA Gaming Build Start Menu

Step 4. – Mod Manager

After the correct installation of version 1.33, Mod Manager will look exactly like this! You can enable XXL map modification to play huge maps. Close Mod manager.

Step 5. – HD Mod

The next step is to set the HD mod. Click HD-mod settings. Set your desired resolution and click Play. Press F4 to toggle between full screen or windowed mode.

Step 6. – WoG Options

Next, it’s up to you how to set up the game using WoG Options. You can be inspired by the settings I use:


  1. AvatarDeÄärHeltOtroligt


  2. AvatarOrlulas

    Thank for this tutorial. For me the step 5 doesn’t work because when i click to Play button, i’ve got this strange notification :

    RessourceManager::getText could not find the “text” ressource “campbttn.txt”.

    Do you have any idea why this file is absent ?
    If it’s usefull, i’ve take the beginning of “exception context.txt” in “Debug” folder :

    Failed to read data at 18.
    EIP: Hd_wog.28C69. Code: C0000005

    Thank you in advance for any help and long life to Heroes III !

  3. AvatarPerry


    we are not 100% sure where the error comes from but it looks like some game resources are missing. We suggest to do a reinstall, test the game and than add the gaming build and test again.

  4. AvatarMin

    I installed the Heroes 3 complete version and followed the instructions here. But when opening H3 Era HD, the welcome screen is H3 SOD (the skull graphics), not H3 complete.
    What could have gone wrong ?

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Post author)

      hi Min, that’s OK, new versions of ERA Gaming Build use SoD screen

      1. AvatarRudi

        Hi, I have installed the latest Game Build with Ers 3.0.4. How can I update with the new Era 3.1.12 files? I cant get them run 🙁

        Thanks for your support

      2. AvatarCulda

        Hi, how can I get stack experience for ballista, First Aid Tent ….? thanks

        1. AvatarPerry

          I think there is no such thing as Stack Exp for Warmachines, you could however write a script to do it.

  5. AvatarJay Mann

    Any news on the HoMM3.5 ERA Gaming Build getting updated?

  6. AvatarPerry

    Jay Mann

    there will be an update, that is for sure, but currently, things go slowly, just like HotA 😛

  7. Avatarhuzzan01

    Hello! im a huge fan of this mods 🙂 My question is, bitdefender flags this software and it components as trojan.heur/malware, is this ok? If ever I will just mark these to the software trust list?

    Thank you 😀

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi huzzan,
      many mods are written in ASM, which is great for debugging, thus favored by hackers. that AV software doesn’t like for obvious reasons. False positives may occur, especially if you use free antivirus (which is always nothing but promotion of its paid version) such as Avast, Bitdefender, AVG…

  8. AvatarVadim

    How do I play WoG campaigns with this build?

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Post author)

      Campaigns are not included, you can play them like this:

  9. AvatarKılıç


    There is a bug at animate dead and ressurection magics. If i use these magics, the game freeze.. How can i fix this?


    1. Liso1Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, Download and install Third Upgrades Mod version 2.7.0, not 2.7.3:

  10. AvatarRichard

    For some reason the map “Elbow Room” does not work on this mod, it loads 2 bars, then shuts down with no message. Currently using “Gaming Build v1.36.0422″ and “Third upgrades v2.8.0”.

    1. Liso1Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, this can be a problem with custom maps, it can use some script that conflicts with the Third Upgrades mod. Try the map without this modification.

      1. AvatarRichard

        It worked without third upgrades.
        And i found a few new bugs as well.
        If i use diplomates ring to double my low lvl units, i can no longer upgrade dwellings(troop production) or ammo cart, It says i have already improved a structure. If i save and quit the game, the next time i play, upgraded dwellings no longer apply, allthough they say they do, and i still can’t upgrade them. It is not possible to use diplomates ring a second time. This was a game on Elbow Room map using Tower.

  11. AvatarMatei

    Thank you! Amazing work and game!


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