Heroes III Unleashed MapEditor v1.07


This is a modified WoG MapEditor based on Black Phantom’s tiny WOG editor. This means you get all the nice feature provided by the Stand Alone WoG Mapeditor created by Black Phantom and benefits from the GrayFace patch.

But on top of that, you will also never again need to use hex editing to make a map. All of the nifty tricks proposed in The Mapmaker’s Thread have been incorporated into this mapeditor, and even more which were not discussed. While this is of limited use for WoG/ERA maps (besides reducing some ERM coding time), it is invaluable to all RoE/AB/SoD (and even HotA, before conversion) mapmakers who want to stretch the game’s limits.

Unleashed MapEditor je skvelý prírastok pre všetkých tvorcov máp pre Heroes III. Funguje samostatne bez hry, takže ho môžete brať všade so sebou. Obsahuje kopec opráv a prídavných funkcií, ktoré boli prebraté z iných editorov a opráv. Môžete napríklad už od začiatku dať hrdinovi kúzlo Titan’s Lightning Bolt, na mapu môžete vložiť oveľa viacej objektov, ako tomu bolo v základnej verzii editoru. Je toho podstate, ale podstatne viacej. Všetky informácie nájdete na fóre HeroesCommunity.

Autor: RoseKavalier

Unleashed MapEditor v1.07


List of Changes v1.07:

[+] You can now show/hide the minimap selection rectangle (hotkey ‘CTRL+M’)
[+] Added Map Screenshot mode which makes a copy of the entire map and minimap to bitmaps (hotkey CTRL+ALT+F12)
[+] Fixed a bug with ‘Validate Map’ where objects with an entrance outside the map boundaries would cause an error
[+] Heroes can now be disallowed from hiring by all Players through the ‘Hero Identity Properties’ dialog
[ ] All Unleashed hotkeys are now done through Accelerators
[ ] Secondary monitor patch was improved

List of Changes v1.06:

[+] Added optional replacement images for some toolbars, see “<Unleashed>/images/” folder
[+] Hero portraits can now be scrolled using mouse wheel
[+] Heroes hireability may now be null (‘May be hired by’ option always enabled)
[+] Hero primary skills are now predicted
[+] Added one-click-paste button, available in the terrain object toolbars (hotkey ‘~’)
[+] Integration with SoD_SP mod grants mapmakers several new options (hotkey ‘CTRL+F9’) [SoD only]
[+] Added additional LOD/PAC support
[ ] WoG mapeditor patch downgraded to (compatibility requirement for objects of new LOD archives)
[ ] patcher_x86 updated to
[ ] Negative creature numbers are now properly shown in a few additional spots
[ ] Set limits to various fields were corrected and improved
[-] Fixed some version issues when using ‘WoG’ expansion
[-] Fixed hidden errors with hero experience field
[-] Fixed calculation of number of objects placed on the map
[-] Fixed missing reference for map sizes.
[-] Fixed missing reference for undo count.

List of Changes (beta 2):

  • Titan’s Lightning Bolt is now enabled as a regular spell
  • Note1: Although the spell could be enabled in Towns, the Level 5 Mage Guilds appear empty in game
  • Note2: Opening an item with this spell will crash in other mapeditors
  • Removed spell restrictions from factions (e.g. may learn Animate Dead in Castle)
  • Negative creatures for Events, Pandora’s Boxes & Seer Huts now working, capped between [-32,768; +32,767]
  • Note1: use the UP arrow to generate the negative symbol “-“
  • Note2: negative creatures are automatically converted to the equivalent number between [32,768; 65,535] (negative numbers are stored as positive + 65,536)
  • Note3: Mapeditor will show positive values after adding. After closing/opening editor again, it will show negative but stored as positive in hex.
  • Achieve Level Quest now limited to [1; 32,767]
  • Hero Primary Skills now capped between [-128; +127]
  • Fixed mistake that disabled Monere in AB/SOD
  • Removed ability to put negative creatures on heroes and garrisons (not allowed by game)



  1. Luki V.

    A to funguje na klasickou verzi H3 Complete (případně s neoficiálním HD modem) ? Nebo to musí být WOG, VCMI nebo tak ?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Neskúšal som, ale podľa tvrdenia autora by s tým nemal byť problém. Ak chceš robiť s editorom, nepotrebuješ mať inštalovanú hru, funguje samostatne.

      1. Luki V.

        Tak jsem si to stáhl a díval se, do jakého formátu lze mapy uložit. Tak existuje možnost uložit do verze SoD a WoG.

        1. Liso1 (Post author)

          Problém vyriešený 🙂 Ďakujem za info.

  2. oqix

    Je možné tam nejakým spôsobom pridať objekty z New objects patch v1.9?
    Do hry som tento patch pridal. Keď otvorím mapu v originál editore tak tieto objekty fungujú, ale pri tomto editore mi hlási chyby že nemá požadované objekty.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Nazdar, tak toto je skôr otázka priamo na autora, tu nájdeš kopec informácií: http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=43775 alebo ešte tu: http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=42328

  3. BlackJack

    Is this last version?
    Beta2 but program about message beta1.
    I wish support save map to jpg and size change (only 144×144)
    Thank you

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hey BlackJack,
      I updated the map editor to version 1.07, try to download it now, I hope it helps.

  4. ty66kill

    How to make H3Unleashed.exe compatible with Fred79’s Object Patch?
    I tried and moved FREDOBJ.pac and FREDOBJ.txt from folders to folders so much times.
    but it did not work… H3Unleashed.exe doesn’t load the objects.
    I placed FREDOBJ.pac and FREDOBJ.txt in : /HoMM 3 Complete era wog/Unleashed/Mods/
    is it wrong place?
    would you please explan easily?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      I’m sorry for late answer. It works fine for me.
      All you have to do is install Heroes 3, then ERA 2.8.8. and then Fred79’s Object Patch. Don’t copy folders. Use this instalator: https://heroes3wog.net/fred-objects-download/


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