Heroes 3 ERA Gaming build v1.33 download

Heroes 3 ERA Gaming build v1.33 contains the latest version of ERA v3.0.3HD mod 5.0 RC94, ERA Scrips v1.46, Unleashed Map Editor, XXL maps support and BattleQueue mod (for the mod to work, your game resolution must be at least 1076×630 pixels wide.) in one installation package!

ERA Gaming build v1.33 
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

ERA Gaming Build v1.33 changelog (30. 08. 2020)

[+] ERA platform updated to version 3.0.3 – thanks to Berserker
[+] added “16 two-way teleports” mod, which doubles the number of two-way teleports – thanks to wessonsm
[+] added mod “monolith locator” (inside my mod), which displays another open teleport output on ctrl + RMB on it – thanks to wessonsm
[+] Era Scripts Eng mod updated – small fixes by me and Drake
[+] Wog Scripts mod updated (many scripts fixed and optimized) – thanks to igrik
[+] Updated XXL mod – now all xxl templates are inside the mod and do not interfere when this mod is disabled – thanks to Archer30
[+] now all assembly changes have been made in the small Game Enchacement Mod (aka GEM), the description of which contains almost all the innovations and hotkeys to them
[+] updated plugin native dialogs wog – thanks to igrik
[+] the Creature stats plugin has been updated – now the remaining HP of creatures is displayed when you hover over them – thanks to the gamer
[+] remade ERM_HELP to .chm format (faster install) – thanks to Bes
[+] updated HD mod to version 5.0 RC94 – thanks to Baratorch,
[-] rolled back some graphics, because the color palette deteriorated
[-] mod for battle selection buttons has been removed, because there is no time to adapt
[+] updated battle replay plugin (fixed bug with the appearance of monsters) – thanks to igrik;
[+] updated core of the Era – added fix IF: N ^^ – thanks to Berserker;
[+] new mods now are enabled
[#] minor changes to my mod – thanks to Drake, Archer30;
[-] deleted incorrect logo position in main menu
[+] updated core of the Era – added fix IF: N ^^ – thanks to Berserker;
[+] “Era Scripts Eng” mod has been updated – several scripts have been fixed that caused crashes at the start of the game and errors during battle – thanks to ElfbI;
[+] Wog Scripts mod updated – thanks to igrik;
[#] (The “Commander’s Witch’s Hut” script has been fixed) – thanks to igrik;
[#] (the script “Improve Mysticism” is fixed) – thanks to ElfbI;
[+] updated battlereplay plugin (fixed bug with monsters) – thanks to igrik;
[+] The wog native dialogs plugin has been updated – now the selection of crystals of power and visits to the commanders’ huts are displayed correctly – thanks to igrik;
[+] added files for the Armageddon’s Blade campaigns;
[!] Attention!!! Now the script for choosing the battle mode works differently:
1 – if the script is enabled, then pressing the “W” key will be available to change to the selection window before the battle (4th option);
2 – if the script is disabled, the selection window will not appear – only 3 options will be available on the “W” key;
3 – now disabling / enabling autoplay through system settings or F5 works correctly with the “W” key;
[-] deleted incorrect logo position in main menu
[#] Now the game does not crash without GEM mod;

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  1. Akikojam

    There might be a bug with enhanced commanders script. My level 17 succubus with master hit points has only 58, it appears level doesn’t count properly.


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