The Cyborg Town – Project Ironfist (Heroes 2)

It’s been quiet in Enroth since the war. But there have been rumors something is afoot. Strange castles have been popping up. Some say that it’s the doing of ghosts come to revive the Ancient ruins lying around. Some say they’ve been sent by the gods to combat evil. Peasants report sightings of a metal man — some kind of visitor, from another world, or another time.

One thing is agreed: the few who have gazed upon these castles speak of them as a marvel, of a harmony between iron and nature, and long to return.

Today, the world takes its first gaze upon this marvel: The Ironfist Team is pleased to announce the completion of the Cyborg Castle.

Stay tuned.

Project Ironfist v1.3.0
Support forum


  1. Download the installer.
  2. Run the installer and follow the instructions. Install the game in the same directory as your Heroes II installation.
  3. From the Windows Start Menu, run Programs->Project Ironfist->Ironfist
  4. See it in action by trying out the demo map “Sorrow’s End.” (It’s a Small map available under the “Expansion Maps” menu.)


  1. Perry

    the style of the castle screen is actually nice! They have done a good job

  2. Io Zile

    it keeps getting me this error :
    DirectDraw Error:
    File ‘F:\h2xsrc\Source\wingraph.cpp
    Line: 522

  3. Io Zile

    Ok so i’ve tried the graphic mode setup on all setup that you can.
    I’ve tried even with the ironfist 1.21 version.
    If i go full screen, a error apears and it crashes my game.
    If i stay windowed mode, when i end my turn the game freeze and it doesn’t recover…Any ideas?

  4. Savage Source

    Hello, when I try to open ironfist.exe I get a full screen-wide white window. I hear an error sound and the application shuts down right immediately. What shall I do with it?


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