HoMM 3 HD download

Did you know...

Only the growth of following creatures may be doubled: Griffins, Gogs, Troglodytes, Harpies, Wights, Hobgoblins, Wolf Riders, Lizardmen and Serpent Flies. There is no double growth for Conflux creatures.

Platform Heroes 3, ERA II, HotA
File Size 10.3 MB
Version 5.0 RC34
Last Update 12. 11. 2018
Download – latest version
Download – version 5.0 RC43 compatible with ERA 2 (WoG)

HoMM 3 HD mod (aka HiRez mod, Multi-Resolution patch, HoMM3 High Resolution Project) is an addon pack for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 that changes game resolution to any from 800×600 to 4000×4000, adds new functionality and fixes some original bugs. HoMM 3 HD mod will not change original gameplay.

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