Rebalance and Unlock Campaign Heroes mod (Heroes 5 ToE)

This mod rebalances and reintroduces campaign / scenario heroes to the game. Requires HoMM5 TotE patch 3.1.(that’s the version you can find on GOG.COM)

Unlock Campaign Heroes mod
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)

Installation: Copy the H5U file into your Usermods folder. If there is none, create one.


  • all heroes have standardized primary attributes (attack, defense, spellpower, knowledge). ie: All Knights are 1,2,1,1.
  • only 2 heroes can have the same hero specialization. ie: Ornella (Haven) Pathfinder specialization is replaced with Suzerain, Ylaya changed from Dark Mystic to Coven Mistress.etc.
  • 40 campaign/scenario heroes total added, 20 each for good and 20 each for evil factions. This is so that the tavern is not being overpopulated with Red Haven heroes.
  • Each hero has exactly 2 extra starting skills/level up of skills or perks besides the hero specialization and their faction skill.
  • Some heroes’ starting perks changed to something else so that everyone now can get their faction ultimate skill.

Heroes unlock:

Good factions:

  • Academy: Maahir, Zehir, Cyrus
  • Fortress: Wulfstan, Rolf, King Tolghar, Hangvul
  • Haven: Isabel, Godric, Nicolai, Freyda, Duncan, Ornella, Alaric, Valeria, Bertrand, Andreas
  • Sylvan: Findan, Alaron, Tieru

Evil factions

  • Dungeon: Ylaya, Thralsai, Agbeth, Raelag, Ranleth, Shadwyn
  • Inferno: Sovereign, Agrael, Orlando, Biara, Veyer
  • Necropolis: Arantir, Markal, Giovanni, Nicolai, Ornella
  • Stronghold: Kunyak, Quroq, Gotai, Kujin


  • Sovereign now has walking animation on the adventure map.


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