SoD_SP Plugin for Heroes 3 HD mod finally works properly

Due to the latest changes in the Heroes 3 HD mod, the SoD_SP plugin did not work properly. However, it seems that the author of the plugin has already fixed everything and the plugin works again.

SoD_SP is a plugin for Heroes of Might and Magic III : Shadow of Death (SoD) / Complete which can be enabled with the HD mod. It is meant to be used in Single Player only.

SoD_SP adds a number of features aimed at enhancing the user experience (quality of life) while maintaining as much of the original gameplay mechanics.

SoD_SP Plugin
Online documentation
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)

Using the F12 hotkey while in Combat or on the Adventure Map, you can turn on/off any of the customizable SoD_SP options that are also present in ‘SoD_SP.txt’.

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