Third Upgrade Mod v2.16 update with Fire & Ice Dragon Castle

Good news everyone! VMaiko just released the final version of Beta Third Upgrades mod, enjoy it! In the video you will see a new building on the map, Fire Dragon Castle.

Third Upgrade Mod
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

Third Upgrade Mod v2.16  Changelog:

  • Enabled all of the BETA content.
  • Optimized Fire Dragon and Ice Dragon.
  • Renamed ‘Baby Dragons’ to ‘Dragonlings’.
  • Renamed ‘Lords’ to ‘Swordmasters’.
  • Fire Castle and Ice Castle passability was redesigned (Only can be visited using ‘Fly’ spell).
  • Re-imagined the upgrades of Dragonlings, now can be upgraded in their mature form in Hill Forts.


  1. Mo

    Hi i cant see any new building how too make it work i have the new third ubgrade but where is the building i check all map nothink

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      It can occur on random maps, but the probability is very low, only 3%.

      1. Mo

        Habe wie auf dem Video selbe Karte gespielt 5 mal gestartet jedesmal steht da normale Gegner Burg. Keine Random Map

  2. Roman

    Привет, загрузил новую версию мода. не работает, выдает такую ошибку: Core: AssertHandler
    Assert violation in file “D:\Soft\Programming\Delphi\source\SRC\Era\GameExt.pas” on line 148.
    Error at address: $5A6D012.
    Message: “Failed to load DLL at “C:\Games\Homm 3 ERA\EraPlugins\new_advmap_objects.era””. Очень хочу играть именно с модом и новыми дракошами.


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