HoMM3: The Board Game launching Kickstarter campaign one week earlier – 15th of November 2022!

Let’s do some magic! A little Haste spell never harmed anyone 🌪️ 🏃 Archon Studio launching HoMM3: The Board Game Kickstarter campaign one week earlier – on the 15th of November 2022! 📯 Click “Notify me on launch” to not miss the start of campaign 💚

Kickstarter upcoming project
HoMM3: The Board Game official

Long live the Queen!

As a part of the “Restoration of Erathia” the story comes the first scenario you will play in the “Castle” campaign.
Start your journey with a few loyal units, no town whatsoever, and 8 turns limit to conquer a Dungeon-controlled town. Sounds challenging enough?

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