Lord of The Rings v4.0 scenario map for Heroes 3 Complete (or SoD)


The Lord of the Rings classic adventure story. Tips: Keep the rings, look for hidden objects and follow the comments.

The screenshots and video come from Lord of The Rings version 3,I later found out that Vallex (author) made a new version 4 with more quests, new enemy heroes, better artifact management, more secret places and items and more jokes.

Lord of the Rings v3 map
Lord of the Rings v4 map


  • Copy LOTR3.h3m from this “Data” folder into your game “Maps” folder.
  • Copy all files from this “Data” folder into your game “Data”.
  • If any of you use HoMM3 HD copy all *.def files into your _HD3_Data/Common. HD mod you can download here.
  • Uninstall: Just delete them.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings


  1. Jonatan

    Hello guys,

    I have a little bug with this map – it keeps getting stuck on the purple player’s turn at the end of 2nd week/beginning of the 3rd. What is there to be done about it?

  2. Roee

    Hey everyone,
    For some reason, Frodo can’t reach the first safe zone. I have the speed boots and gloves (tried with 2 gloves and 1), I wait for the beginning of the week, go through the stables, wait at the gate for the turn and I miss one movement from reaching the safe area. Frodo, for some reason, only have 2 dots on his walking-meter (2530 movement points) which is not enough. All youtubers have 3 dots by that time, and they act exactly like I did.

    1. Tormalchio

      Hi! I had the exact same problem and I solved it by taking Frodo underground with Bilbo and used Frodo to open the quest guard with exactly 2 halflings, which leaves him with 0 army. That way the halflings won’t affect your speed negatively and you get the full movement points. Hope that helps! I bumbed into another problem after that; couldn’t find Aragorn in the town of Bree,

      in the older version he is supposed to be in a prison behind Bree and in the never version he is supposed to be in the tavern, but couldn’t find him in either. Don’t know if it is a bug, or related to my Homm3 version, but that is a bummer. By the looks of some forum posts other people haven’t encountered that problem so maybe you won’t either :p


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