Fheroes2 update v1.0.7 – AI heroes know how to use Summon Boat

A month of work has passed and Fheroes2 team is presenting the newest version of fheroes2 engine – 1.0.7! As usual, we are going to cover the most interesting changes in this release. First of all, the AI got a huge boost in this update. Now AI heroes know how to use Summon Boat spell.

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The team fixed multiple places with pathfinding logic, decisions during battles and also estimation of threats from enemy heroes and castles. AI heroes are going to be more practical towards their castles and when to attack enemy castles.

The team is expanding the translation functionality of the engine, allowing more and more UI elements to be translatable. This is not trivial as the engine needs to generate these UI elements from scratch for all languages. Speaking of UI changes team also fixed the rendering of many windows. For instance, Battle Only dialog has properly rendered item lists where you can even right-click on items.

Since touchscreen device owners, in particular Android devices, are limited to device capabilities the team expanded Android Toolset application to export and import save files. This helps players to transfer files between multiple devices.

The work on the Editor continues and in the past month team added UI elements for different Brush types and now it is possible to draw terrains. As of now, the Editor is only for developers as it is not ready to be used but we are happily sharing news about the progress. This release also brings a lot of translation updates, and tweaks in animation in battles and more than 40 bugs have been fixed since the last release.


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