Installation of ERA II

For the installation it is required to have Heroes 3 installed on your computer, ideally the Complete version, highly recommended from the site GOG.COM, this version is DRM FREE and doesn´t require a CD to start up. After that installation is fairly simple, it requires to download the installation file, save to your computer and boot up.

ERA II = Wake of Gods

ERA II v2.7.x


The installation file is downloaded on your desktop, double-click it to initiate the installation.


An important step is choosing the right destination folder where Heroes 3 Complete is installed. Click on the “Browse” button and click your way to the Heroes 3 Complete folder. I have my game installed directly on the C drive C:\GOG Games\HoMM 3 Complete. The installation takes up a minute, sometimes less.

Inštalačný program vytvorí odkazy na ploche.

After the installation is finished, two icons will appear on the desktop. ERA II launches the game and Era Start Menu, as the title suggests will open up a menu with various choices, including Mod Manager.

Era Start Menu

Start Menu includes different files, but if you´re solely interested in playing, the only important ones are Mods Manager and Maps Editor. The rest are mainly designated for the mod creators. We start up the Mods Manager.


Through Mods Manager you can manage all the modifications added to your game. You can simply turn them off (Disable), turn them on (Enable), delete, scroll up, or scroll down. After the clean installation ERA II will include 4 modifications Secondary Skills Scrolling, Fast Battle Animation (personally I turn this modification off, because units tend to move way too fast and I lose track of what´s happening on the battlefield), Quick Savings, Yona and In The Wake of Gods. Information about the modifications appear in the bottom right corner of the window. You´ll launch the game through the ERA II icon on your desktop.


You can download new modifications in the download section, if you can´t solve the installation problems, the ERA II – Installation of modifications site might be useful.


And this is how Mod Manager looks like with several modifications, like for example Upgrade ALL, WoG Revised and XXL map patch. Be careful, as some cheap antivirus software might recognise the modsman.exe file as corrupted by a virus, of course this is a false report.

How to solve: „Assert violation in file“ (ERA 2)

Translated by Adam Kučera

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  1. AvatarChavdar

    I have HMM3 Gold edition. Installed on Win10
    Installed Era 2.75
    Attempt to start gives:
    „Failed to load and compile LUA script
    Cannot open Data\scripts\_core_sys.lua: NO such file or directory“

    The file exists and is in C:\Games\Heroes3\Mods\WoG\Data\Scripts

    Any hint?

    1. Liso1Liso1

      Hi Chavdar, are you usin HD mod to run ERA? If yes, you need to set up the compatibility of the file h3era.exe to Windows 8 and everything will function as supposed.

    2. Avatarroxor

      Obsahuje virus zpevdo.B ma vsade hodnotenie ako miner a password hijacker. verzia 2.7.5 ostane neviem

      1. Liso1Liso1

        Nazdar, to je falošný poplach, niektoré antivirusy ju tak bohužiaľ označia (ako napr. avast).
        Buhužiaľ s ERA 2 sa takýto problém ťahá už od začiatku, ja mám ESET Endpoint Security a nikdy mi nič nenahlásil.

        Kľudne si môžeš súbory skontrolovať aj cez stránku

  2. AvatarChavdar

    10x it works now 🙂
    Any hint for Succession wars? I extract files into c:\games\heroes3, start heroes3.exe – but no new campaign is visible

    1. Liso1Liso1

      🙂 you are welcome.

      Try this Succession Wars instalation instructions:
      In order for this mod to work you need the latest version of ERA 2
      First install ERA over CLEAN SoD or Heroes Complete.
      In your CLEAN SoD ( Shadow of Death ) or Heroes Complete folder, place the zipped file in the \mods folder, unzip, and it should extract a folder called ‚1 H2 Succession Wars‘. ( Do not rename the file. )
      Once that’s done, in the tools folder created by ERA open Mod Manager folder and run ‚modsmann‘ to enable the mod. You must disable all other mods apart from wog which should be placed below 1 H2 Succession Wars Mod. The screen should look like this.
      Run h3era.exe go to ‚New Game‘ and press the ‚Options‘ button. Move to the bottom where it says ‚Custom Scripts‘ where you can see options made specifically for this mod. Make sure that the option ‚Necessary Succession Wars Mod Script‚ is checked. The other options in Custom Scripts are for your liking.

  3. Avatareduardo

    i installed era 2 but it keeps giving me the same error Assert violation in file
    line 131 error at adress: $56C1E1f.
    Message:“Failed to create log file at “Debug\Era\log.txt“.
    Probably another Heroes 3 instance running“
    …but there isn’t

    1. Avatardesmbr

      I’m having exactly the same problem. Is somethin wrong with new version of ERA?

      1. Liso1Liso1

        That’s strange, try to install ERA 2.46 version first:

  4. Avatargandaime

    I bought Heroes 3 Complete from GOG, installed Era 2.7.7, first got this message:

    on line 131 error at adress: $56C1E1f.
    Message:“Failed to create log file at “Debug\Era\log.txt“.

    I fixed it by downloading ERA 2.46, but then, when I get into a game (doesn’t matter if campaign or SP) I get a syntax error with bunch of gibberish, and the WoGifying function doesn’t even pop (also all the new units, hero images get reverted to classic icons, etc.).

    Tried launching h3era through HD_Launcher, but same thing happens. HD functions also seem to not work with h3era even when launched through the launcher.

    1. Liso1Liso1

      Hi, try setting up h3era.exe compatibility with windows 8 and then run game via HD mod launcher. The game must be installed on drive C, not in Program Files folder.
      Have you already installed some modifications?

      If nothing has helped you, try downloading this:!qWUA4c3AzQ72/setup-homm3-era-2-77-eng-zip

      1. AvatarSAM

        Just need to create log.txt file in the path „/Debug/Era/log.txt“.

        1. Liso1Liso1

          Thanks Sam!

    2. Avatardaemon_n

      whithout installing 2.46 version you could create these folders manually. It really works.

  5. Avatarvit


    I have the same issue as guys above:
    Message:“Failed to create log file at “Debug\Era\log.txt“.

    Try first installing version 2.46, but when installed 2.7.7, it still didnt work.

    Where do I find HD mod launcher?

    1. Liso1Liso1

      The launcher can’t find file GAME_DIRECTORYDebugEralog.txt, so you have to create it manually:

      1. Navigate to game directory
      2. Create Debug folder, navigate inside
      3. Create Era folder, navigate inside
      4. Create log.txt

      UPD: I don’t know what’s the reason but the game can’t create folder Random_Maps and shows „Cannot create random map“ message: creating the folder manually also fixes the problem.
      Although the game create files without any problem.

  6. AvatarGrasper

    I downloaded complete HOMM3 Era 2.7.7. I get 2 problems, if i run in HD Era I get huge lags ingame (Tried different compatibility modes). Second problem if i dont run the HD Era, just regular one, it crashes quite often.

    1. Liso1Liso1

      Hi Grasper, installation of Heroes 3 is required to execute directly on disc C:, not to Program Files.

      Then install HD mod version 5.0 RC43 compatible with ERA 2 (WoG):

  7. AvatarBBR

    Hello! I come from the HD mod wich has that useful „quick recruitment“ that allows you to gather all units by clicking on the fort icon and to build parts of town by clicking on the town icon. ERA/wog doesn’t have it and this bothers me a lot, is there a way to get it?

    1. Liso1Liso1

      Hi BBR,
      unfortunately, only HD + function can do this, but it is not supported in Wake of Gods.
      Only a simplified version is available by clicking the castle icon:
      fast recruitment

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