Installation of ERA II


For the installation it is required to have Heroes 3 installed on your computer, ideally the Complete version, highly recommended from the site GOG.COM, this version is DRM FREE and doesn´t require a CD to start up. After that installation is fairly simple, it requires to download the installation file, save to your computer and boot up.

ERA II v2.7.x


The installation file is downloaded on your desktop, double-click it to initiate the installation.


An important step is choosing the right destination folder where Heroes 3 Complete is installed. Click on the “Browse” button and click your way to the Heroes 3 Complete folder. I have my game installed directly on the C drive C:\GOG Games\HoMM 3 Complete. The installation takes up a minute, sometimes less.

Inštalačný program vytvorí odkazy na ploche.

After the installation is finished, two icons will appear on the desktop. ERA II launches the game and Era Start Menu, as the title suggests will open up a menu with various choices, including Mod Manager.

Era Start Menu

Start Menu includes different files, but if you´re solely interested in playing, the only important ones are Mods Manager and Maps Editor. The rest are mainly designated for the mod creators. We start up the Mods Manager.


Through Mods Manager you can manage all the modifications added to your game. You can simply turn them off (Disable), turn them on (Enable), delete, scroll up, or scroll down. After the clean installation ERA II will include 4 modifications Secondary Skills Scrolling, Fast Battle Animation (personally I turn this modification off, because units tend to move way too fast and I lose track of what´s happening on the battlefield), Quick Savings, Yona and In The Wake of Gods. Information about the modifications appear in the bottom right corner of the window. You´ll launch the game through the ERA II icon on your desktop.


You can download new modifications in the download section, if you can´t solve the installation problems, the ERA II – Installation of modifications site might be useful.


And this is how Mod Manager looks like with several modifications, like for example Upgrade ALL, WoG Revised and XXL map patch. Be careful, as some cheap antivirus software might recognise the modsman.exe file as corrupted by a virus, of course this is a false report.

Translated by Adam Kučera

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