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PlatformERA II
File Size1 MB
Updated02.01. 2018

This mod removes or fixes all bugged scripts from Era and replaces them with other options. A few ones were replaced because (IMO) they were decorative only and without any improvement to the game-play.

Changes in WoG 3.58 scripts:

[+] Henchman was modified by Berserker.
[+] First money script fixed (redraw status bar)
[+] Artificer will also purchase your artefacts for either mithril or gold.
[+] Fnord 3.59 script “Monsters will drop resources when defeated”
[+] Fnord 3.59 script “Monsters will drop artefacts”
[+] Secondary skills script was fixed (tactics again) BR->BF
[+] “Disable autosave” was replaced by Fnord 3.59 script “Swap troops between Heroes”
[+] Hints added to scripts which may not be compatible between or create impossible gameplay, ie random hero + enhanced warmachines + karmic battles, good luck
[+] Mithril enhancements fixed (AI will not receive negative gold after mithril conversion)
[+] Resolve Battle, by Valery and Berserker
[+] Call to Arms by Berserker
[+] Town Treasuries by Fnord
[-] Sabotage buildings was removed from Espionage III script.
[-] “Passable terrain” removed
[-] “Split decision” removed

Custom Scripts added
(Author: Berserker)

[+] Fast troops placement
[+] Gnolls marauders first strike
[+] Distant Death Stare
[+] The grand manoeuvre

New scripts:

Resolve Battle: click on auto-combat to instantly finish the battle, without any mana spent.

Monsters drop resources
All monster stacks on the map have gold and possibly either wood or ore or a precious resource (or sometimes wood/ore + a precious resource) that you can claim if you defeat them in combat.

And many more…

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