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PlatformHeroes 3 Complete
File Size103 MB
Update18. 08. 2020
Download v2.9.14 (
WoG Scripts (only for ERA v2.9.14 and newer)
Download v2.46f – for old mods

You can also install this ERA 3 Launcher. ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (WoG/ERA + HD mod), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP). This launcher replaces ERA Gaming build.

ERA 2.9.14 installation

Step 1. – Installation of Heroes 3 Complete

For the installation it is required to have Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete from GOG.COM installed on your computer. Do not use s*itty RIP versions from the internet! 

heroes 3 complete installation

An important step is choosing the right destination folder where Heroes 3 Complete is installed. Click on the “Browse” button and click your way to the Heroes 3 Complete folder. I have my game installed directly on the C drive c:\gog gamess\HoMM 3 CompleteDo not install the game in a “Program Files” folder. Click “Install”.

Step 2. – ERA installation

Download and run latest version of ERA (currently it is version Era 2.9.14.exe), then select Heroes 3 Complete folder. Do not install this build on already installed versions of WoG, HotA, or any other mod. Click “Install” button.

click install

Select Heroes 3 Complete folder and click install.

Step 3. – Installation of WoG Scripts

Download and unzip [Gameplay] WoG archive. Run WoG_Scripts.exe. Select Heroes 3 Complete folder with ERA 2.9.14 installed.

Select Heroes 3 Complete folder and cick install.

Select Heroes 3 Complete folder and click extract.

Step 4. – ERA Start Menu

After a successful installation, the ERA Start Menu appears automatically. If not, you can launch it from your Desktop. Click Mod Manager.

Step 4. – Mod Manager

After the correct installation of ERA 2.9.14 and WoG Scripts, Mod Manager will look exactly like this, no differently! Close Mod manager.

Step 5. – WoG Options

Run ERA II from your Desktop or from ERA Start Menu and set up the game using WoG Options. 

Optional step 6. – HD mod

Version 2.9.14 is partially compatible with HD modification. You can install it.

Credits: talented Heroes community. Special thanks to Algor, baratorch, Berserker, Bes, Darkloke, feanor, GrayFace, igrik, Jim Vogan, MoP, Morn, RoseKavalier, Sav, solitaire345, SyDr, Valery (Salamandre), WoG Team, ZVS.

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