ERA 2.9.12 update + download

ERA 2.9.12
WoG Scripts
How to install ERA 

WoG Scripts” mod got several fixes and retired. From now it’s no more a part of Era installer. But you can always download and install it separately.

ERA 2.9.12 Changelog:

 Briefly: a small update that restores the functionality of old maps and mods, as well as including several new features for developers and players.

 Added the “Quest Dialog” plugin by igrik. Allows you to conveniently view contents of quests and move screen to desired seer’s huts.
 It has become easier to use localized strings in EPM (%T() syntax in literals).
 The original pseudo-random number generator has been restored. Obstacles in combat no longer change when you reload. High-quality PRNG “Mersenne Twister” transferred to the EPM command VR:T.
And other minor fixes (h3 structures and constants.txt, macros by Algor for ERM editor, event names correction).

  • Added Quest Dialog plugin by igrik. It allows to easily view quests contents and move view to seer huts.
  • Added %T(translatable_key_from_json) interpolation in ^…^ strings. Thus json texts without parameters may be inserted directly.
  • Heroes 3 PRNG was restored. VR:R uses it, as in old times. Mersenne Twister PRNG was moved to VR:T command.    Mersenne Twister generator state is NOT synchronized between remote PCs automatically. Do not use it in
    battles for you mod to be compatible with multiplayer.
  • Included macros for Erm Editor, enabling automatical indentation and comment insertion via ALT + END. Credits: Algor.
  • Added “h3 structures and constants.txt” by BTB/RoseCavalier to Help directory.
  • Reallowed SN:K#1/#2/#3/#4 to work with strings.
  • Fixed OnUnequipArt and OnEquipArt named events. They were called instead of each other.


  1. VMaiko

    I have hot news for you! ERA 3 will be out very soon and I am not lying, in the original forum they are working hard to finish it and in a short time we will have it, when it comes out I will notify you with pleasure.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      So I’m curious. Will it bring any major changes?

  2. 3ron

    Anyone can upload WOG scripts at other site? This site never works for me.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)
  3. 3ron

    Thanks a lot mate!


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