New Typhon Upgrades v1.0.5 + download (ERA)

Seven new unit upgrades for each faction. Some are great such as Elite Lizard (Fortress), some have changed color with new abilities, there are HotA units. Some units have a great idea, but their design is terrible like Chimera. And there are also a few units that absolutely do not fit into the concept – Night Raider. I hope they will be replaced in new versions. The Typhon Upgrades mod is great!

Installation is simple, just download the archive and extract its contents into the Mods folder. Then, you must enable it through the Mod Manager.

New Typhon Upgrades
works with ERA + HD-mod 4.208 RC4 + ERA Scripts 

To upgrade units directly in the town, you need to enable the following scripts in WoG Options: (Universal Creature Upgrades and Extended Creature Upgrades)


  1. Jakol Mizguar

    Are Steel Golems an exact copy in ERA 2?

  2. Mihai

    The bad thing about this is that necromancy no longer works on skeleton knights 🙁

  3. alex_gamer45254

    how to download this mod but not third upgrades mod?

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Alex, it’s already the same modification,New Typhon Upgrades, changed the name and became Third Upgrades mod:


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