Advanced Classes Mod v1.0502 update

We just uploaded a little update with a nice new Class Table Window that wasn’t quite ready last week. I made that together with Sandris. – RerryR (mod author)

Advanced Classes Mod, a gameplay enhancing mod, that features revamped skill and spell systems, new artifacts and artifacts set, 2 dozens of new and reworked specialities, 6 new subclasses with uniquw abilities and more. The idea of this mod was to create 2 new skill ranks — Master and Grandmaster, which are gained right after Expert rank, as well as a completely new hero class — adventurer.

Advanced Classes mod
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Installation Tutorial:

  • This mod requires the lastest ERA 3 version.
  • Download the ERA 3 assembly here and the mod here
  • Go to the HD Launcher and make the following settings:
    • (stretchable) 16-bit OpenGL by Verok
    • resolution I recommend 1180×664 and any filter.
    • If you dont change the video mode most new skills and artifacts, spells will have no colored text ingame and the look suxxs.
    • Activate the mod in the ERA Mod Manager.

Changelog Version 1.0502

  • Fix (ERA3) Artillery and Magic Artillery could shoot twice before combat
  • Fix (ERA3) Secret Set piece Round Shield of Commander reduced commander damage
  • Fix Dimension Door description in SPTRAITS.txt
  • Fix Spell Trainer Option was not disabled correct
  • Fix Difficutly Mod enabled Neutral Stack Experience Option
  • Disabled the mysterious BattleAiVsAiFix.dll Plugin by default
  • Added Class Table
  • Added correct mage banner
  • Secret Set Cloak not reducing Luck by 1 after fights
  • Overheal will not increase the number of Commanders or Henchman’s
  • Succubus Charming fails when the target has Anti-Magic
  • Slightly reduced the attributes of the enemy AI commander
  • Fix in the Dif Mod, that when clicking Insane Dif it would reset your current selection
  • So the proper order to choose your Difficulty is to select a level between Easy and Extreme, and after that you can click on Insane and select the Progressive Difficulty


  1. Tyty

    How can I make the game to run in fullscreen ?

  2. Perry

    when using HD Mod just hit F4.
    btw. ACM was updated to 1.054
    visit Heroes Community for newest version download

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

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