Advanced Classes Mod v1.054 update

Advanced Classes Mod is a huge gameplay improving modification based on the Wake of Gods. The core of the mod is a new class and skill system for Heroes 3. To avoid bugs neraly the complete WoG mod has been rewritten. Making Advanced Classes Mod very stable. Now it is possible to play three very distinct classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. – RerryR (mod author)

Advanced Classes mod
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Advanced Classes Mod v1.054 changelog:

  • {AI Recover Losses}
    The computer player recovers {50%} of any lost units in combat vs neutral stacks. If a unit is killed completely it will not be recovered.
  • {AI Compensation}
    To give the AI a better start each owned hero gets additional units at day one and additional units to recruit in towns. The amount of additional units depends on the option {Neutral Stack Size} and {Double Stack Size}.
    The hero only gets level 1-3 units and not if he already has above 100 units in one slot. This option helps to solve the problem that the computer was sometimes unable to defeat the big stacks that could be generated at map start. The amount of additional units is roughly the same as the Stack Size option adds units to neutral stacks.
  • {AI Useful Spells}
    When the Payday is reached each AI hero will get a spell book and the following spells for free: {Haste}, {Slow}, {Cure} and {Curse}
  • {AI no Dimension Door}
    To avoid lag on big maps the Dimension Door spells for all computer players will be replaced to fly. This should reduce loading time for AI between rounds.
  • – fix Neutral Stat gain not working
    – fix clicking on Insane Dif would reset current AI-Level selection
    – Insane level now selectable from start and Progressive Difficulty moved as separate option (less confusing)
    – If Monsters are replaced with Dif Mod Uptier Option they now will not be set to aggressive
    – If Stack size is added to neutrals they now will not be set to “Never join” if they were supposed to “Always join”
    – Reduced the power of the AI commander on all levels by reducing his bonus damage by ~ -50%
    – some new hint texts in Difficulty DL
    – slightly increased the chance for Diplo at Basic-Expert (20-30) to join
    – slightly reduced the chance to gain additional stat points with learning at map objects
    – fix correction for Mass Spells in Spell Duration Mod
    – fix in Hero screen for some hereoes could show window with any click

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  1. Lukiart

    The Henchman can receive the hero monster specialist bonus?


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