Creature Bank Creator 1.0 (ERA 3)

Updated the script. It is no longer Beta status because it has proven itself. Also ERA 3 is now commonly available, so the script can be used by much more people. New in version 1.0:

  • New Reward Option: Spell Points
  • New Reward Option: All Primary Skills
  • New Reward Option: Spell ID, Random Spells by level
    • fix Objects replacing close to the edge forbidded to prevent ERM warning
    • fix AI Heroes will not trigger box to include creatures
    • fix Mystery sound file not surpressed anymore for all objects
  • New: now set up to 4 different Artifacts as a reward
  • New: now set all Resources as a possible reward
  • New: Set up to two creatures as a possible reward
  • New: Set a range x1-x2 as possible creature/artifact as a reward. For example, give only Castle creatures as rewards.
  • New: Set custom text when visiting already cleared creature banks
  • Removed WoG Scripts dependency by removing all macros
    • fix that some CB showed incorrect name after map creation
    • fix Gold Reward could be given to the wrong player
    • fix Setting the First creature to -1 now does not give erm error
    • fix different size option should now work again
Creature Bank Creator for ERA 3
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How to use template Creature Bank Creator  in short:

1) Download Mod and activate in Mod Manager
2) Open Map Editor and look for an object that should become your CB
3) Place that object on your test map
4) Open ERM Editor and load one of the blank templates New_CB_000.erm
5) Make all settings in the erm file. until line 130 *Start of Script*
6) Save and start your map. Test if all settings work by visiting your CB with a hero
7) If you want to use your CB on a random map look for objects that should be replaced. Choose up to 6 different ones. Also, place these on your test map and check if they get replaced correctly. The yellow square should match in the coordinates. If it does not use the x-Offset setting until it does. This will prevent unaccessible CB
8) For new CB use a new template with a different number

Keep in mind that this Mod requires at least ERA 3 to work.

Author: RerryR

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