WoG Graphics Fix v2.15 – Swamp update

This amazing graphic modification not only modifies and enhances the graphics of old WoG objects, but also adds many new ones.

WoG Graphics fix
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher*

!Before installation, it is recommended to delete the old mod folder (wog fix eng / wog fix rus).

*If you use WoG Graphics fix mod with ERA 3 Launcher, it is necessary to disable “16 2-way teleports“, “Game Enhancements Mod” and “WoG Fix lite” via Mod Manager for the proper functioning.

WoG Graphics Fix v2.15 changelog:

[+] Adjustments to the animation of the fire magic mushroom
[+] Some avwattack.def frames have been converted to .png format
[+] Added seven new mushrooms for the Swamp
[+] Work has been done on the graphics of the original swamp mountains
[+] Some sets of trees from the original game have been replenished with two new sprites
[+] Changed sawmill graphics for Rough
[+] Added an additional decorative statue for the Swamp
[+] Changes have been made to the graphics of the wight’s dwellings
[+] Improved color palette in the graphics of the underground cartographer
[+] Edits in the graphics of WoG objects No. 3, No. 6
[+] One-way portals have been removed from random map generation.

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