Battlefield Commanders (Wake of Gods / ERA 3)

After the balance of different forces on Antagarich was disturbed and after the intervention of the gods many heroes realized that they might not be able to fight on their own any more. They needed help. They needed intelligent creatures to aid them not only on the battlefield but also in leading their army.

They needed personal commanders. That title soon was beginning to be the property of heroes’ best friends, relatives or the most talented and strongest generals.

Commanders are somehow a combination of a hero and a creature. They fight on the battlefield along with your hero, but they also gain the same experience – and with that: new levels, primary skills, secondary skills and better statistics overall. They can also use special artifacts, cast a spell and they have some specialties of their own.

They all have different names and biographies, but at start they do have many similarities. Each hero can have only one commander. If he currently has no commander, he may recruit one at any of your towns for the price of 1000 gold.

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