Fheroes2: Resurrection update v1.0.6 – Campaign Difficulty options

Today Fheroes 2 team introducing the latest version of the fheroes2 engine – 1.0.6 with many changes done by the team in the last month! This release brings an updated version of the Adventure Map AI. AI heroes are more accurate in terms of analyzing threats for castles and defending them, they don’t visit useless objects and have better estimation of a possible battle outcome when attacking enemies.

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How to install fheroes2 with campaign animations (youtube)
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However, since the AI has been significantly improved in the last months such changes affect campaign gameplay making it very hard for some players to complete. Therefore, the team added an option to lower the campaign difficulty during playthrough. But remember that changing the difficulty affects the final score of the campaign.

In this release the team polished several tiny issues with original images, sped up loading the game’s resources and also improved rendering speed which subsequently reduced CPU usage, leading to lower battery usage on portable devices. Speaking of UI, the team continues to work on the new Editor. It is still in progress, but we are happy to share more in the future. In the upcoming months, the main focus of the team will be the Editor to bring it to a functional state and make it open for all players.

Besides fixing more than 20 bugs from the last release the team updated several language translations and expanded the list of UI elements available for translation.

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  1. Christoffer


    I love you’re content and all the work that you guys do for the Heroes family. I was wondering, is there any chance of you doing something with the online possibilities on Fhereos2? Like the lobby in homme3? It would have been soo cool if it was possible to play the game online with firends.


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