HoMM3: Legacy of the Silence ENG update v0.1g + changelog

HoMM3: Legacy of the Silence features:

  • 13 New towns (NO replacement) with full unit line up and heroes
  • 8th level units for each town (including existing towns)
  • Including Third Upgrades mod : Existing towns can be upgraded in two stages. New creature banks.
  • Including Advanced Class mod : In addition to the existing ACM, there are 22 advanced classes
  • 9 new spells, 2 new skill
  • 9 new war machine
  • 90+ new artifacts including 10+ new artifact set (not combo)
  • Guaranteed stable random map play with up to 22 factions with appropriate unit dwellings
  • 30+ whole new unit ability appears
Legacy of Silence ENG version
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

Installation: Download and unzip archive. Run h3era HD.exe. Enjoy!

Legacy of the Silence ENG v0.1g changelog:

  • added function to instantly move artifacts to another bag (Ctrl+click : to next bag, Shift+click : to previous bag)
  • Moved options set at startup to wog options (except AI difficulty)
  • Fixed bug related dimension stores and changed the guards.


1. Improvement

– Set Artifacts now also indicate which parts are equipped. Unequipped parts are also displayed.

– Added a new menu on the town screen
You can build tier 3 upgrade buildings, research magic, etc.

– Change all dragon fly hives to Dimensional Stores
Fight with 30-90 level 3 (Upg) monsters in the town closest to the dimension store,
You can get 4-12 level 6 (No. Upg) in that town.

– Added Capture Mills and Gardens / Military Duty options on wog options

2. Bug fixes

Possibly fixes a bug where the Legend Mage’s ignition was hitting allies

Fixed a bug where Undead Destruction hit non-Undead units when changing to a pure mage class

Evangelist’s 8th unit to be able to use the warlord’s banner

Fixed a bug where the probability of existing artifacts appearing in new creature banks was significantly higher than that of new artifacts.

Cardinal related bug fixes

Fixed a bug that occasionally crashes when leveling up with nobility

Fixed a bug where a commander who learned magic could shoot right away

Fixed a bug where the commander could sometimes not act on the 2nd turn when changing to an avenger

​Fixed bug with incorrect modeling of some units

Fixed a bug where converted habitats blocked the path or could not be visited

Fixed a bug where other town’s habitats appeared around the town when selecting an existing town

Fixed a bug where hero portraits became strange during battle

Fixed a bug where the border became strange when clicking on some heroes

Fixed a bug where buildings that increased stats were applied only once even if multiple towns had them

Fixed a bug where special buildings and mage guilds of neutral buildings could not be built

Fixed a bug that occasionally crashes on the town screen

Fixed a bug where Crypt’s necromancy didn’t work

Improved the passive effect of Soul Eater commander to apply to Skullhound/Spider as well

Fixed a bug where the ratio of new artifacts was drastically reduced when crafting artifacts with Magic Mushrooms in Fairy Town compare to existing artifacts.

Fixed a bug where movement corrections for slow units were sometimes overlapped when learning Exploration.

Fixed bug where options of some units were not applied

Modified options such as phantom and Sea Dragon not to activate in the tactic phase

Fixed a bug where Judgement’s special ability did not activate except for units in the first slot

Bug fixes related to Cathedral Grail

Fixed a bug where the game became strange when a unit with the doom’s rune was wiped out by the rune effect before action

3. Balancing

– Modified stats of many units.

– Change the ability of Diablos. (Inferno lv8)

– Buff Cardinal
Cardinal’s Divine Intervention (random buff 3 times) effect has been increased so that it activates every 3 turns

– Buff Reaver
Added the existing Reaver’s shield effect (50% damage to adjacent enemies) as the Reaver’s basic effect
Reaver’s shield effect is increased to 200% damage to adjacent enemies. Of course, it deals 100% damage to the original target.

– Buff Heretic
In addition to the existing effect, when attacking an enemy affected by a debuff, there is a certain chance (20%) that the number of times the hero can use magic is regenerated.
Chance increases to 50% when Heretic’s Pendant is equipped.

– Change Avenger’s Penalty
Before: Only 4 unit stacks can be operated
After: All allies debuff + 1 turn blindness on the 3rd turn

​- Changed the grade of some artifacts

– Increase Vision of Eagle Set: Ignores the opponent’s Hunter’s magic defense ability


  1. Kionatria

    I can say with a certainty that Military Duty script works like a charmm with both OG and new towns; all external dwellings’ names are translated, and OG 8th level units have translated abilities.
    However, third upgrade units in the town screen are still displayed as the original, un-upgraded unit. E.g.: Third Upgrade building was constructed in a Conflux town. However, every unit(when buying) looks different: Psychic Elemental looks like a Magic Elemental, while Magic and Void Elementals look like Psychic ones. That’s not to say that, once you buy them, that they will still look like that.
    Second thing I’ve noticed is that added towns’ 5th, 6th and 7th units do not benefit from external dwellings in order to increase weekly unit generation; you can have five Gardens of Light(Fairy town 7th level building) as external dwellings, but you would only have +4 Aurora generation per week(if you include the Grail and Statue of Legion). Keep in mind that only 5th, 6th and 7th unit buildings have that flaw; 1st-4th units don’t have that problem.
    The last thing I also noticed that *some* Grail building have their full descriptions cut off, and it’s not just only OG or added towns that have that problem: Death Valley and Tartarus towns have the full description for the Grail building. On the other hand, Cove, Castle, Rampart, Necropolis, Conflux, Inferno, Preserve and others don’t have that, and you need to guess what bonus you get from the building. OG Grail buildings are easy to guess; however, the added towns are not so easy, especially for those that have passive bonuses, like Lodestar(Cove Grail building).

  2. Kilicies

    third upgrade might have bugs…how to fix it ?


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