Fheroes2: Resurrection update v1.0.2 with virtual keyboard support for touch devices

Fheroes2: Resurrection update v1.0.2 is full of interesting changes and improvements. So, let’s get started. The team always spends time improving the performance of the engine and in this release we again improved the Adventure Map rendering. It might not be visible for many players but if you use a mobile device to play the game then smaller energy consumption is very welcome.


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With a great help of an artist, team fixed the original look of Captain’s Quarters building in Sorceress town as well as changed multiple icons for options to give each option a unique and logically correct image.
Speaking of improvements AI heroes now know how to use Town Portal and Town Gate spells. This makes AI the same advantages as human players. Moreover, the overall AI task logic decision on the Adventure Map was reworked, leading to better strategic decisions.

This release also brings multiple fixes for spell logic in battles, fixes for special cases of monster movement and additionally we corrected all sounds being used for objects on the Adventure Map.
In the past it was impossible to know the in-game date from a save file unless you load it. Having tens or even hundreds of save files might lead to difficult navigation among them. From now on you can right click on a save file to see the date without even loading the file.

Right click to check day of the save file.

Right click to check day of the save file.

Android players had no way to type anything within the game as most of mobile phones do not have a physical keyboard for this. To overcome this disadvantage, we introduced a virtual in-game keyboard which will popup if you click on text edit area.

Beside all these changes the team fixed over 60 bugs and updated multiple translations for the game. Note that old save files before 1.0 version are not supported anymore.

New icons for graphics settings and hot keys.

New icons for graphics settings and hot keys.


  • Add virtual keyboard support for touch devices
  • Add new option icons and missing part of Captain’s Quarter in Sorceress Town
  • Fix multiple issues with sounds on objects on Adventure Map
  • Improve Adventure Map rendering speed
  • Fix many issues with spells and pathfinding during battles
  • Update AI heroes task logic and make AI heroes use Town Portal spell
  • Over 60 bugs are fixed since 1.0.1 release

fheroes2 is a recreation of the Heroes of Might and Magic II game engine.

This open source multiplatform project, written from scratch, is designed to reproduce the original game with significant improvements in gameplay, graphics and logic (including support for high-resolution graphics, improved AI, numerous fixes and user interface improvements), breathing new life into one of the most addictive turn-based strategy games.

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