Android port of fheroes2 project – Installation


Install the fheroes2.apk to your device running Android. You need to have set the necessary permissions on your device to do this.

fheroes2 requires the data files from the original Heroes of Might and Magic II. If you do not have the original game you can download a demo version of the game.

If you already have a legally purchased copy of the original game, then put the directories “ANIM”, “DATA”, “MAPS” and “MUSIC” from your original Heroes of Might and Magic II installation into a ZIP archive and copy this archive to your Android device.

Run the “fh2 Toolset” app, press the “Extract HoMM2 assets” button and select either the ZIP archive of the demo version or the ZIP archive created by you in the previous step to extract the assets of the original game to the proper place.

Depending on your version of Heroes 2, the music files that need to be placed in the “MUSIC” directory can either be on your original CD or in the installation folder (GOG and Ubisoft).

Ingame cinematics are supported by fheroes2 and for these to be supported it is necessary to have them in the “ANIM” folder. Depending on your original version of Heroes 2 they can either be found on your CD, disc image or in a folder named “anim” in your Heroes 2 installation directory.


To simulate a right-click to get info on various items, you need to first touch and keep touching on the item of interest and then touch anywhere else on the screen. You can then remove your first finger from the screen and keep viewing the info on the item.

By default normal adventure map scrolling on the borders of the screen is disabled. To pane the viewing area around you need to press anywhere on the adventure map and slide around to change where you are viewing.

Android specific notes

Fullscreen is enabled by default. To have the info bar with the clock visible you can disable fullscreen mode within the main menu settings under “Graphics”.

The minimum supported Android version is 5.1.


  1. BakaraXIII

    I have Heroes 2 Gold edition from GOG,

    But I haven’t the anim folder.
    And I have no CD so … I don’t know which folder I need to add to my zip Folder.

    Thank you for your help and your work !

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, download and install Heroes 2 Windows version from gog, here is guide:


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