Heroes V: Ashan Arena II Tourney⚔️

New Arena for Heroes V continues good old traditions of the largest tourney battles of the realm of Ashan. Now yet again dozens of players will cross their swords and spells in most epic battles in their quest to become the new Champion of the Arena!

Heroes 5 Players! The time has come, the time to face up to the challenge! Sign up for a tourney today and prove your greatness in the battlefield!

✨All battles will take place on Arena 2.1, a carefully prepared and polished duel map, where after a short preparation two heroes will fight for life and death! Tourney will be played on a special version of the map ornamented with sponsors’ and partners’ logos along with dozens of new battlefields.

✨Registration is open from 12.03.2023 till 30.03.2023 and is being conducted via application form available here: https://www.h3.gg/competitions/v2/62

Group draw will take place on the stream on April the 1st 2023 (exact time will be announced at the end of registrations).

✨Prizes? Eternal fame and glory of course! But also gaming mouse, mouse pad and headphones sponsored by Genesis. Free game sponsored by GoG. Gadgets from Heroes Orchestra. And last but definitely not least a 3D printed model of one of Heroes 5 units!

✨Speaking of 3D models, you can also win one in a lottery for all players who will have played a 100% of their group matches, no matter their result. You can also watch streams on our official channels where there will be lotteries for viewers as well.

✨Tourney will be conducted via H3.gg site and their Discord server will be official communication channel between organizers, players and viewers: https://discord.gg/e7X2cTcEYm

After joining the Discord server go straight to Ashan Arena II section, say “hi” in the #general chat and then someone from our support team will give you a special server role so you will be able to see other channels.

✅TRAINING MAP (available only for the time of registrations): https://www.moddb.com/mods/heroesvarena/downloads/ashan-arena-ii-eng

✅How to play manual (PDF): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lC7uHHoBv5B8BFUcvlmTyYsy2-hIJaN6/view?usp=sharing

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