ERA 3 Launcher BIG UPDATE with new mods and multiplayer PvP fixes

ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (WoG/ERA), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP). This launcher replaces ERA Gaming build.

ERA 3 Launcher
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)
How to install ERA 3 mods

ERA 3 Launcher  v2.55 Changelog:

[+] Updated ERA platform to version 3.9.3: huge list of changes aimed at fixing PvP online games – thanks to Berserker:
[+] Updated HD mod to version 5.3 R4 – thanks to Baratorch
[+] Added new gameplay mod “Human AI” (enabled by default) – thanks to Ameranth:
– The AI now uses some typical human strategies;
– Improves AI behavior in certain situations like:
– exchange of armies and artifacts;
– minimizing combat losses;
– demon and skeleton farming;
– selecting better secondary skills;
– choosing better heroes;
– all parameters of the mod are adjusted in “AMER_HumanAI.ini” inside the mod folder;

[+] Added new gameplay mod “NewSpells” (disabled by default) – thanks to AlexSpl, Sokiee:
– Adds 18 new (and not so new) spells to the spellbook and all game tables;
– full support for spell research by the mod;
– AI is excellent and eager to use new spells;

[+] Added new graphical mod “Stalker Spells Mod” (enabled by default) – thanks to Helgta, Sandris;
– Changes the appearance in the spellbook and Mage’s Guild;
– New and high quality spell effects;
– new sounds;

[+] Completely rewritten most of the “ERA Scripts” and WoG Scripts mod options” – thanks to Archer30, igrik;
– mandatory or useful WoG options are now enabled by default and removed from the WoG options list;
– the order of the options was slightly changed;
– transferred most texts to json format;
– many options were rewritten to ERM 2.0 and direct memory handling from 0;
– increased compatibility with other mods;
– in many places repetitive and inconvenient dialogs were replaced by native interface or removed as unnecessary;

[+] Updated mod “TrainerX” to version 3.4 – thanks to Archer30:
– added almost full translation;
– added GUI for adding artifacts and creatures from other mods;

[+] Updated mod “Wog Graphic Fix Lite” to version 2.8.3 – thanks to Grossmaster;
– fixed most of WoG objects’ graphics;
– some creature graphics fixed – thanks to Dalion;

[+] Updated Advanced Classes Mod to version 1.081 – thanks to PerryR:
– all dialogs now display 5 levels of secondary skills in both text and picture;
– added “Mobile Time Market”, allowing you to forget any Secondary Skill for a fee;
– lots of fixes and other innovations (more info in changelog.txt inside mod folder);

[+] Updated “Advanced Difficulties Mod” to version 1.036 – thanks to Archer30, PerryR:
– added new Squire settings dialog;
– added new “Third Upgrades Mod” settings dialog;
– added two new “Neutral Stats gain” levels;

[+] Revamped Henchman mod – thanks to Archer30;
– added new options;
– squires parameters are now properly transferred to the network game;
[+] Updated translation for “Advanced Classes Mod Rus” – thanks to PerryR and Daemon;

[+] Added new dialog in town window which will hold all town options in future:
[+] Changed dialog to display research spells in Mage’s Guild:
[+] Changed battle interface window – it may look a little familiar to some:
– New button has been added, allowing you to switch between battle modes by pressing it and pressing Alt;
– multiplayer is supported, excluding attack and return (to be refined in the future);
– creatures from any mods are supported – the check is based on Stack’s parameters on the battlefield;
[+] all functions that affect DlgItem objects support new update parameter:
– previously it was “0” (don’t update) and “1” (update the whole dialog), now the option “-1” (update only yourself) has been added;

[#] Dialog displaying additional stack parameters in battle moved to Ctrl+RMC;
[-] removed plugin “Badluck.era”, because it caused synchronization problems in online battles – I recommend to use “Badluck” option from ES mod;
[#] mod load priority slightly changed when installing game, so that there will be no problems with their interaction;
[#] dialogue shadow fix from “BattleQueueue” mod – thanks to RoseKavalier;
[#] just hundreds of fixes and optimizations in mods “ERA Scripts” and “WoG Scripts”, there is not enough time to list them – thanks Archer30:
– but here’s a link with detailed changes, if you’re interested: ;
[+] Most options and mods should now work safely in multiplayer;
[+] In some mods added a lot of png graphics to increase the quality of pictures
[+] Most texts are now taken from client-side game files and not stored in save file;


  1. G Grant

    Under ERA Launcher v2.57, WOG with the latest Third Upgrade Mod, the computers still manage to get the FLY spell even when that spell is banned in all places.
    So I’m not sure how they are getting it, no visits to a dragon utopia.
    Also, the computer players never build their third upgrade creatures.
    And finally, the commanders are no longer limited to 4 skills at level up.

    Thanks for the great work on these mods.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Grnat, unfortunately you have to wait for the new version of TUM, which will solve such bugs.

      1. G Grant

        Ah I see, well that makes sense. I will enjoy the game as is (very much) until the TUM is updated then.

        Thank you

    2. Perry

      AI gets fly -> This is caused by Human AI mod

      Also, the computer players never build their third upgrade creatures. – > I cannot confirm this

      And finally, the commanders are no longer limited to 4 skills at level up. -> Disable Power stones options in WoG (or maybe Which Huts)

      1. G Grant

        “AI gets fly -> This is caused by Human AI mod”
        Can the Fly option be turned off, or an option added to turn it off? Or is this a bug?

        “Also, the computer players never build their third upgrade creatures. – > I cannot confirm this”
        I’ve played multiple games through several months, and none of the computers will build the third upgrade building now.

        “And finally, the commanders are no longer limited to 4 skills at level up. -> Disable Power stones options in WoG (or maybe Which Huts)”
        The 5th and 6th commander skills are available as normal level ups, not due to power stones or witch huts.

        Everything else seems to be working great, thanks.


    Please fix a bug with Mithrill gold castle income upgrade. Its remains the same value of mithril after you spent for upgrade

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      I just noticed this, I’m going to report it to the author. Thanks!

    2. Liso1 (Post author)
  3. G Grant

    I tried setting the config file for the Human AI mod to not allow the fly spell, by setting the level at which the AI gets Fly to -1, but they still get the Fly spell regardless.


    Hello.One more question: from the last update, now you can upgrade creatures to lvl2 in castle without having 2lvl building. Its a bug or game chages? As i didnt change anything in wog options. Thanks.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      I just tried it, but everything works as it should for me.
      But I installed the last ERA 3 Launcher build from scratch, you can try it too.


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