Advanced Classes Mod v1.07 update – Commander Classes

The new version of Advanced Classes Mod is ready. Author (Perry R) decided to bring in some new content regarding the commanders. The new patch will allow you to customize your commander even more by selecting a class that influences how the attributes of your commander develop during the game.

Advanced Classes mod
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Make sure to install the newest ERA 3.8 including the ERA Framework mod (or ERA Gaming build), otherwise you will get erm error at map start. Delete old version before install the new version.

Commander Class Update:

Patch 1.07 introduce a new feature: Commander Classes
With the first kill of your commander, you will be able to choose a class in combat.
The following 9 classes are available:

  • Fighter – Usually focuses on melee attacks and dealing damage.
  • Ranger – Usually focuses on shooting and ranged attacks.
  • Defender Usually focuses on defense and disrupting the enemies.
  • Caster – Usually focuses on casting damage spells.
  • Supporter – Usually focuses on casting supportive spells and using the commander’s passive ability. Has different bonuses for each commander type.
  • Leader – Usually focuses on leading the army by providing certain boosts to your army.
  • Scout – Usually focuses on multiple attacks and generating resources in combat.
  • Vampire – Your commander becomes partly undead, losing 33% of its total health. Requires Necromancy to perform the ritual. Vampires restore 25% of the damage dealt as HP.
  • (Secret Class) – Needs to be unlocked first.

Each class influences the attributes of your commander and can increase certain attributes further by killing enemies in combat. Masteries: Each class has a unique Mastery that gets unlocked when having reached enough kills.

New “info” table. When right-clicking the experience icon in your hero screen you will be presented with a table that contains all numbers and information about your hero and his skills. This will allow you to follow in detail how the new skills effects scale.
For example, it will give you information about your First-Aid tent and its effectiveness in combat, your crit chances, your commander spells and much more. Overall this was something we clearly needed to keep up with the hidden formulas and numbers behind the new game mechanics.

The 8 attributes for the Commanders are:

Attack – Just attack value
Defense – Just defense value
Damage – Just damage value min+max
Health – Influences total hit points
Speed – Influences speed
Spells – Influences the power of spells. Each spell now has a scaling with this modifier. Meaning it will also change the power of spells like Bloodlust, Magic Arrow, Power-Cure and so on. For different spells, the modifier will have different effects.
Passive – Influences the passive of every commander. Each passive now has a scaling with this modifier. Eg: the Brute will generate more gold with attacks, the Necro will raise more skeletons, the Astral Spirit will reduce the health and damage of enemies further and so on…
Aura – The leader commander emits a 1 hex aura that buffs allied units standing next to him. The effect gets increased. The range of the aura can also be expanded.


  1. ashevn

    My era version is 3.3.9 [v1.36.049]
    the update ACM 1.07.8 crash with ERM scrip hard

    1. Perry

      You need the latest ERA 3.81 version.

      1. ashevn

        Ok is good now . ty

  2. Phaxujishi

    I love this mod and think it’s a fantastic idea, but I don’t really like the numerical values given for each of the secondary skills. I wanted to rebalance it so I used the ERM editor and found where the values are located, but when I changed them it caused various glitches in the game.

    Is there any convenient way to change these numbers?

    1. Perry

      Answer on how to change class points:

  3. Spanglee

    I can’t get 9-10. sskill. I wonder why.

    1. Perry

      You must activate the 10Skills mod in the Mod Manager.

  4. Spanglee

    Is there 10 skills mod for era 3.9? Because I can’t find anything. Sorry, but i’m not good at it.

    1. Spanglee

      I solved my problem thank you.

  5. Spanglee

    The new treasure chests function doesn’t work. I don’t know why.

  6. Spanglee

    Sorry! It was my fault, but now It’s working.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, there is new version of AC mod 1.08:

  7. Spanglee

    Hi. I have a problem. The Forgotten Fields mod isn’t working with era.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)
  8. G Grant

    One issue I’ve run into that I believe is being caused by the Advanced Classes Mod is that after a few months of single player game play, some of the computer AI heroes stall the game and no longer move. When it is their turn, the game just stalls with a spinning system busy cursor for about 20 to 30 seconds, after which the game moves on to the next computer hero, while the stalled AI hero never moves. You can’t even F4 out of the game at this point until that computer AI’s stalled turn is finished. And for the rest of the game, that AI hero will not move, but it causes this game delay of 20 to 30 seconds on its turn every turn for the rest of the game. This game delay only gets longer as more heroes begin stalling out and never move like this.
    The only clue I have for the cause of this is after attacking one of these stalled AI heroes, I noticed that one of the skills was labeled “Master string not found”, with the Logistics Icon, even though that hero already had Master Logistics in another skill slot.
    So it seems like after a few months of game play, at least one of the computer AI’s skill slots randomly becomes corrupted, causing the computer to hang temporarily on that AI hero’s turn.
    This is with the latest versions, and the latest Third Upgrade Mod, but I believe it also happens without the Third Upgrade Mod. Human AI is also enabled.

    1. Perry

      Hello G Grant,
      the freezing or lagging AI is one of the most prominent bugs of the Third Upgrade Mod. Unfortunately, there are not many things you can do about this. You can however check in the ReSound mod folder (Third Upgrade Mod) under ERA plugins if you find the H3FasterAI.dll, or you can disable the Emerald plugin, which is responsible for some of the new artifacts from TUM. The Emerald plugin is actually what is causing the lag and not the Amethyst plugin.
      The H3FasterAI.dll plugin skips the turn of AI players if they take too long. For more information or discussion, you can join the ERA Discord server.


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