Fanstratics – Update #12 – Infernals

This month’s Troop concept sketch is the Clockwork Gremlin.

Fanstratics Faction #7: Infernals.

Residing in Volcanic lands with persistent lava flows, this Demonic faction exists only to slake its unquenchable thirst for fire.  Burn the world… scorch it all… until the self is destroyed… and the thirst no more.  To ask ‘why’ shows an absence of understanding. 

Most will immediately recognize this Faction’s similarity to HoMM3’s ‘Inferno’.  Representing the Infernals is the Bile Worm, which can be viewed in the Fanstratics Gallery.

Fanstratics Feature: Player Determined Weekly Events.

HoMM3’s Weekly and Monthly Astrological Events were… oddly enough… one of its more iconic elements.  For Fanstratics, I’m expanding this specific mechanic. 

It is no longer a passive event.  Instead, on Day 1 of each Week, one Player is randomly selected.  This Player is then given the option to choose one of two random ‘Decrees’, with a third ‘Gamble’ option.  A Decree can affect Town Construction, Merchants, Resources, Troop Recruits, etc.  If a Player chooses the Gamble option, there is chance to enact both presented Decrees… or neither.

Fanstratics is currently in pre-alpha production. For future updates, please subscribe to newsletter.


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