ERA 3 Launcher Edition BIG Update v2.66!

ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (WoG/ERA), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP). This launcher replaces ERA Gaming build.

ERA 3 Launcher
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works with this version)
How to install ERA 3 mods

ERA 3 Launcher Edition changelog:

[+] Updated HD mod to version 5.3 R5 – thanks to Baratorch;
[+] Updated mod “Human AI” to version 1.07 – thanks to Ameranth;
[+] Updated “wog native dialogs.era” plugin – thanks to igrik;

[+] The “credits_unlink.dll” plugin has been added to the “Random Wallpapers” mod – thanks to wessonm;
[+] Added plugin “Hero_Artifacts_Dlg.dll” – Quick change of artifacts for hero dialogue and meeting:
– adds the ability to quickly change artifacts on the Mouse Wheel (MMB) or Shift + LMB on the artifact slot to the hero screens and hero encounters;
– the dialog displays only those artifacts that can be placed in this slot;
– Scrolls with spells are always displayed after artifacts and from a new row;
Artifacts are sorted in order of value;
– Scrolls are sorted first by spell level, then by AI value;
– any mods that correctly add artifacts should be supported;

[+] added plugin “NPC_Skills_Scrolling.dll” – Scrolling secondary skills for the commander’s dialog:
– adds skills switching arrows to all screens of commanders, if the sum of available and ready to learn skills > 6;
– learned skills are displayed first, and only then those that can be learned;
– switching is available both with LMB and with hot keys “A/D”, “Left/Right”;
– adds mini-icons with hints to the description of the commander in battle;

[+] now changing an artifact and increasing the scouting skill in the hero’s window will immediately increase the viewing radius

[+] options Bank and resource transfer:
– completely rewritten with ERM 2.0;
– the ability to transfer resources now does not require an option – it is cut from the WoG menu;
– dialogs now have a convenient and intuitive interface;

[+] option “Sorcery I”:
– almost completely rewritten with ERM 2.0;
– now visiting objects at a distance is performed by in-game functions;
– Added support for “capturing” gardens and mills with an option from ES;
– visiting experience stones now gives increased experience with an option from ES;
– fixed conflict with “artifact assistant” script;
– all notifications are now displayed as if you really visited the object;

[+] option “Mysticism I”:
– almost completely rewritten with ERM 2.0;
– instead of a cloud of dialogues of information about enemy heroes, it simply opens its window to study everything;
– viewing spells in the guild now shows several dialogues with pictures instead of text;
– fixed bug of viewing someone else’s move;

[+] “Death Chamber” option:
– completely rewritten with ERM 2.0;
– Fixed a bug in taking damage during tactics;
– now all actions of the enemy lich are performed according to the logic and idea;
– added support for revisit after a month – requires another option;
– added increase in guards and rewards every week – requires another option;
– no longer gives mithril if the option is disabled;

[#] Multiple corrections in texts of WoG options;
[#] now all Upgraded external dwellings give growth to unupgraded creatures in towns;
[#] option “First Aid II” now gives lvl. hero/4+1 tents, as intended. Fixed a bug with the disappearance of tents in the defense;
[#] fixed crash when trying to buy resources and artifacts in an ally’s town without markets;
[#] option “improved artifacts” again gives bonuses once a week and does not work on someone else’s turn;
[#] “Summon Elementals” option spends the correct number of mana points – thanks to Archer30;
[#] option “Castle Upgrading” spends mithril again – thanks to Archer30;
[#] Not using the “mirror of the way home” no longer takes away 1000 gold;
[#] Fixed impossibility to join left creatures with “no free joins” option;
[#] option “Universal creatures upgrading” now works only when constructing an improved building;
[#] fixed Option “New battlefields“;
[#] fixed bug with disappearing shooting skill;
[#] fixed quick battle and replay on a remote PC in PVP;
[#] option “scouting” no longer gives thieves when disabled;
[#] “dwarven reinforcement” option no longer works when disabled – thanks to PerryR;
[#] “luck” option works again – thanks to PerryR;
[-] “New Spells” mod is disabled when active with “Advanced Classes Mod” due to incompatibility;


  1. Kionatria

    I have to ask, why disable New Spells if Advanced Classes mod is active? I’ve been playing the game with both mods and I haven’t had any kind of issues with either of them. Sure, Trainer X couldn’t show them in the Spells options, but Conflux Grailed solves that easily.

  2. bruno

    I have windows 10 and windows defender but the part with WOG doesn’t work beacause I don’t want to launch vbs
    Have you an idea?

  3. ashevn
    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, the problem is already fixed, update Launcher to version 2.67


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