Heroes 5.5 update – Runelore overhaul (RC15 beta 11)

Runelore is the class-specific skill of the Runemage of the Fortress town in Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of Fate. Runelore allows the Runemage to place magical runes on their creatures. Unlike normal spells, runes do not cost mana, but resources instead.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Installation and upgrade guide

Updates sprint continues with an emphasis on Runelore. The overhaul makes Runelore useful skill from day 1 and can be used in PvE.

– ‘Fine Rune’ perk is renamed ‘Rune Recycling’
– ‘Rune of Recycling’ in addition teaches ‘Rune of Thunderclap’ and has its description changed to “…as long as the hero casts only a single rune on a single creature for an entire battle, the resources spend on the rune will be gained back after that battle.”
– ‘Rune of Thunderclap’ description is improved
– ‘Refresh Rune’ perk in addition teaches ‘Rune of Berserking’
– ‘Runic Attunement’ perk in addition teaches ‘Rune of Dragonform’
– ‘Runic Knowledge’ perk renamed ‘Rune Research’. In addition it teaches ‘Rune of Exorcism’
– ‘Tap Runes’ perk teaches ‘Rrune of etherealness
– ‘Hold The Line’ perk in addition teaches ‘Rune of Resurrection’
– hero Inga has new specialization: “Savant – gets additional random primary skills with levels”
– fixed Stalker ‘Invisibility’ ability not working (on stacks larger than 7)
– fixed ‘Laceration’ warcry not stunning
– fixed ‘Laceration’ log text saying creature is hastened
– removed rage gain on regular hero attacks (triggers too often)
– fixed town gate not working when town is jammed over edge of the map
– fixed hero rotation after town gate
– fixed Zydar starting without ‘Arcane Ritual’

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