How to install ERA 3 mods for Heroes 3

I hope this simple guide will help you. All other modifications for ERA 3 are installed in the same way.

Best Heroes ]I[ mods for the upcoming Christmas holidays (hot-seat)


  1. Jason

    First of all, the “update” to the ERA launcher contains a high-risk virus according to Norton AV heuristics. Also, under no circumstances download the Master of Puppets expansion because it came with 19 high-risk viruses according to Norton heuristics. I didn’t even try the “Horn of the Abyss” expansion because by then, I had lost trust with the ERA downloader. The Wog expansion itself did download fine without any viruses detected. That’s the only good thing that I can say for the ERA installer.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Are you serious? Norton itself is a virus and malware 😀
      Please note – MoP mod is written in ASM, which is great for debugging, thus favored by hackers. that AV software doesn’t like for obvious reasons. False positives may occur, especially if you use free antivirus (which is always nothing but promotion of its paid version) such as Avast and AVG. You have been warned.

  2. Dell

    I’ve been trying to get the ERA launcher to work. I’ve installed it in the HoMM3 complete folder, uninsatlled everything moved them into a diffeent folder. It won’t launch and double clicking a message pops up and dissappears to fast for me to read what the issue is. I was the one to leave the comment on YT. Thanks for any support

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Dell, unfortunately without an error message it is very difficult to advise you. Try one more thing, have the ativirus turned off during the download and installation. Antivirus may block the installation.

  3. G Grant

    Unfortunately, the game crashes randomly during battles after a few months into the game. This happens in single player and multiplayer games, ERA Launcher 2.54 (and previous), with latest third upgrade mod.
    Usually it happens when a neutral stack has a hero, and it is the stack’s turn to move. At that time the game instantly crashes to desktop.
    Sometimes you can reload and try the battle again, and it will play out fine, other times it will continue to crash on the computer’s first opportunity to move.

    Another game ending bug I’ve run into is, after a few months into the game, in one turn all the heroes on your heroes list will suddenly start disappearing off the list during the computer’s turn, leaving you with no heroes to control on your turn. They aren’t attacked, they are just removed from the list, and your heroes are left on the map with no way to control them. They just sit in their last position and don’t move.

    One more game ending bug I’ve run into is, after a few months into the game (3 or 4), when buying creatures from your town, the numbers will go DOWN instead of adding to them, sometimes going down to 1 creature. But then buying just ONE more creature will bring the creature back to normal numbers, but that is temporary as adding again drops the numbers again. But once this starts happening, it continues for the rest of the game.
    Not sure if that is a “variable type” bug, or a pointer bug, but something is definitely not adding up.

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    1. Perry

      Hello Grant,

      I would like to test the bug you mentioned. Can you send me a save game of such a particular game. We also invite you to join our H3 modding discord for better help.

  4. Babatsko

    Where did all the new added monsters go? I am curently on v3.9 but all the edits from Era II are gone. For example the crystal cavers and peasants as neutrals. How do I get these back? Do I need to add the WOG revised mod?

  5. Luna

    I cannot add mod “HD Ultimate Interface Mod download” into my ERA 3.9 while i can add all other mods I downloaded – it seems MOD MANAGER got trouble with this ZIP file (others are EXE)

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi Luna, you need to unzip the zip archive and then move the “Xyst New Ultimate HD Interface” folder to the Mods folder. And then enable mod in Mod Manager.


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