TrainerX download

PlatformERA 3
File Size2,3 MB
DescriptionThe ultimate cheating Trainer.
Updated17.01. 2020
Download (mod is part of Heroes 3 Launcher)

A modpack of cheat mods, including:

  • Trainer – Author: Valery
  • Display Events – Author: Valery, Gamecreator
  • Execute Erm Commands – Author: Hawaiing
  • New features – Author: Archer30

Hotkeys for adventure screen:

  • Press F2 to modify the property of any hero/player.
  • Press F3 to display all events during gameplay. A second press will toggle the events.
  • Press F6 to enable/disable terrain scanner (get coordinates and type/subtype of the object).
  • Press F7 to enable/disable object scanner (edit heroes/player, move hero etc). The follwoing shotcuts are activated,
    • right-click on any object for object scanner menu.
    • Alt-click to repeat the last action.
    • Alt+num to quickly change options.
    • Press X to execute erm commands.

TrainerX can be loaded during the game. Press F12 to update your mod settings.
(If you have any issue with some descriptions after pressing F12, save and load again)

Compatibility: Advanced Classes Mod (M/GM level secondary skills), Prima (primary skills up to 249) and Third Upgrade Mod (new creatures and artifacts)

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