How to play Heroes 3 online with friend using HD mod

Using HD mod is absolutely the easiest way to play online with a friend / friends.

What we need:

If you have a problem with the installation, write in the comments.

Getting Started:

1. If all components were installed correctly, run HD_Launcher.exe and click “Update”. In the top left is the menu, select h3hota.exe. You have now chosen to play Horn of the Abyss. Your friend must also have the same settings and HD mod version (not for screen resolution). Now click “Play“.


2. Click “New Game” -> “Multi-Player” -> “ONLINE-LOBBY“. The first time you run it, you will need to create an account, it is fast and just enter your email address and password. So click on CREATE ACCOUNT to fill in the data.




Fill in the details and confirm

Fill in the details and confirm.

Click “LOGIN”.

Welcome to the online world of Heroes 3:

To start your first online the game, click “NEW GAME“. In a new window, type the name of the game, password and select the number of players and confirm.

You can set up a game before your friend joins. At the top left, you can select a map template. Jebus Cross is very popular. Click “More options” on the bottom right and select Simultaneous turns (an option of HoMM3 HD, that allows players to make several first turns in game simultaneously).

Set difficulty, water content, monster strenght and your factions or or leave everything random 🙂 .

Now your friend must join the game. He must also create an account and then find your game in the lobby and then click JOIN. If your friend’s name appears, you can finally click “BEGIN“.

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