Advanced Classes Mod beta preview

Advanced Classes Mod provides a new class and skill system for Heroes 3. Now it is possible to play three very distinct classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Advanced Classes mod

Advanced Classes mod main features:

  • New Master and Grandmaster level for every Secondary Skill and greatly improved weaker skills
  • 3 Hero classes (Warrior, Mage and Adventurer) which are decided through the choice of your secondary skills (like a profession)
  • 3 completely new hybrid classes which are a combination of the three main classes (Battlemage, Hunter and Druid)
  • New unique abilities for every class at the highest level
  • Many new Hero specializations, including creature, spell and adventurer specialists
  • Reworked Primary and Secondary skill point chance at level up for each class
  • New Master and Grandmaster level for every combat spell, with new effects and powers
  • Completely reworked Magic System, now all spells scale with Spell Power and much more
  • Reworked Commander abilities, they are now much more combat active
  • Nearly all artifacts are improved and are part of a set with interesting bonuses
  • New settings for increased difficulty of Neutral Units and computer players
  • Good compatibility with WoG options
  • Author: RerryR

Description of the classes:

  • Warrior: Good understanding of combat tactics and strategies the warrior itself increases the damage of his troops with his great combat knowledge. He also boasts the morale and luck of his troops. On the highest ranks, his troops will do insane damage with attacks.
  • Mage: The mage boost the stats of his creatures with strong defense spells. By studying all elements he has access to powerful combat spells which he can cast several times to destroy his enemies. Fight the mage as soon as you can or his magic will become unstoppable.
  • Adventurer: The adventurer is a swift explorer and no one is faster than him. He strengthens the hit points of his troops in combat and with his knowledge of first aid and spiritual magic he will resurrect his fallen troops after every fight. He is also excellent in managing his kingdom. On grandmaster level, his army will outnumber any other army in Erathia.

The 28 skills are divided to the three classes like this:

{Offense} W+8 M+1 A+2
{Armorer} W+8 M+1 A+2
{Archery} W+8 M+1 A+2
{Warfare} W+7 M+1 A+2
{Leadership} W+6 M+1 A+4
{Luck} W+6 M+3 A+2
{Artillery} W+5 M+2 A+3
{Ballistics} W+5 M+2 A+3
{Resistance} W+5 M+3 A+4

{Sorcery} M+8 W+1 A+3
{Intelligence} M+7 W+1 A+3
{Wisdom} M+6 W+3 A+3
{Mysticism} M+6 W+3 A+2
{Scholar} M+6 W+2 A+3
{FireMagic} M+6 W+1 A+3
{AirMagic} M+6 W+1 A+3
{WaterMagic} M+6 W+1 A+3
{EarthMagic} M+6 W+1 A+3

{FirstAid} A+6 W+3 M+3
{Pathfinding} A+7 W+2 M+2
{Scouting} A+7 W+3 M+1
{Logistics} A+6 W+3 M+2
{Diplomacy} A+6 W+2 M+3
{EagleEye} A+5 W+1 M+5
{Learning} A+5 W+3 M+3
{Estates} A+4 W+4 M+2
{Nobility} A+6 W+4 M+1
{Necromancy} A+3 M+5 W+2

Important mouse clicks in Hero Screen

  • RMB on Hero Portrait – Shows points you get for skills and your current class points. Use this often!
  • RMB on Spell Power Icon – Shows Magic Bonus Table
  • ALT +LMB on Attack / Power / Knowledge Icon – Shows Bonus for Class and required class points to level to Master and Grand Master
  • RMB on Spellbook – Shows the current power of Spells

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  1. Perry R

    Thank you very much Liso for making this preview!
    The mod has much to discover, suggestions and improvements are also welcome.
    Once we are completely ready we will let you know. Until then keep up the good work 😉


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