Human AI mod update v1.11

Human AI mod improves AI strength by emulating human tactics / advantages, rather than simple obviously cheated handicaps. This results in much more interesting games against AI, especially in random maps.

Human AI
works with ERA 3 Launcher
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Human AI v1.11 changelog:

  • Fixed an error when playing with TUM(?) or without GEM, by reverting some use of BM receiver to BA:M
  • Improved how AI choose their main heroes.
  • AI now dismisses heroes to make room for better ones if they appear in the tavern.
  • AI now takes artifacts from heroes that appear in the tavern.
  • AI now sells excess resources and artifacts for gold.
  • Further improved AI’s use of artifacts:
  • + No longer equips more than one of same artifact.
  • + Better distributes artifacts among best heroes.
  • + Now swaps movement/resource/mana/legion artifacts in/out at turn end/start.
  • + No longer attempts to give artifacts to a hero whose backpack is already full (and they will keep their backpacks cleaner now).
  • + Improved equipment choices.
  • Added a new option for AI restoring spell points (Handicap_ManaRefill=2 in .ini file).
  • + AI refunds spent spell points in battles against neutral stacks only. This is the new default and is more “fair” than AI restoring spell points every day, or vanilla behavior.
  • Changed the option for loss recovery to a percentage, so that users can fine-tune the amount of losses recovered.
  • Fixed AI losing stack XP/stack artifacts when sending troops to another hero.
  • Fixed AI trying to hire extension heroes even if they were not enabled.
  • Fixed AI taverns not always having heroes for hire.
  • Fixed AI not properly handling spell scrolls.
  • Fixed AI necromancer sometimes raising too many skeletons.
  • Fixed a cause of AI getting a 0-stack of troops.
  • Fixed a rare issue where AI could create extra copies of artifacts.
  • Fixed a rare issue where AI might send troops/artifacts to their dead hero.
  • Fixed error when AI has no tavern on day 1.
  • Prevented some infinite-secondary skill issues with AI using Universities.
  • Fixed incompatibility with “Warfare” script.
  • Fixed incompatibility with “Enhanced Commander Artifacts” script.
  • Now automatically disables huAI necromancy when GEM’s “remove theoretical battle ai vs ai” plugin is loaded (they do the same thing for necro).
  • Added compatibility with “Backpack Artifacts” script; AI will never equip resource artifacts if they have another option.
  • Now disables Advanced Difficulty Mod’s artifact script, since HumanAI has this feature as well.
  • Tyrant script compatibility updated to check for new “Tyrant-player” var.
  • Removed experimental dragon utopia feature because it did not perform well enough.
  • Refactored code in several places for modernization, stability, and performance.
  • Cleaned-up some in-line documentation and test code.

Normal AI best hero, Month 1, Week 3. Day 1

Human AI best hero, Month 1, Week 3. Day 1


  1. G Grant

    The latest Human AI Mod v1.10 causes an endless cycle of “Save or Discard” error messages to happen on a random AI turn. When it occurs, the only way to stop it is to exit the game.

    Also, a particularly bad bug that has been around for a while that basically makes single player games with AIs involved unplayable is the AI becoming “paralized” bug.
    After a while into the game, randomly certain AI heroes will become “stuck” and never move for the rest of the game, but will take up several long seconds each and every turn, but will never again move. It slows the game way down, and makes the game pointless from that time forward.
    It only seems to happen when the AI hero has Third (or Fourth) upgraded level 7 units in the army. That alone does not always trigger it, but when it does happen, they always have these units in the army. I’ve never seen it happen to AI heroes that do not have these units in their army.
    So it seems to be the Third Upgrade Mod causing this issue.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      link updated wuth Human Ai v1.11, thanks

  2. G Grant

    That was fast, thank you for supporting this game with the amazing mods.

  3. G Grant

    Unfortunately, after trying out Human AI v1.11, it is now giving a LOT of “Slot #0 does not exist” errors on the computer AI’s turns.
    I can ‘escape’ past each one as they happen, but these errors occur for many of the AI heroes each turn.

  4. G Grant

    As a follow up, there is one other error that consistently pops up on occasion that shows the following:


    I’m not sure how helpful that is, but hopefully it helps track the issue down.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Try the new update 1.15

  5. G Grant

    Another issue that is now happening, the computer AIs will randomly dismiss heroes while they still have the bulk of their army.
    AI heroes with huge armies will just suddenly disappear off the board, and the thieves den will update the kingdom army strength to show that AI falling all the way to last place.
    Watching the replay with the map revealed verifies that AI heroes are simply being dismissed along with their huge armies, and NOT disappearing due to losing a battle.

  6. Isra

    that sounds exactly like AI issues i had like 8 years ago playing pure WOG back then without any other mods. AI randomly get stuck and decide not to move even again :/ shame…hota bores me so i wanted to try new WOG…but i guess its still not really playable with AI. i lost countless hours in coop cause of this.


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