How to play HoMM3 on Android phone

  • buy Heroes 3 complete version on GOG , install it on your pc
  • On your mobile phone/tablet go to and download the latest VCMI version (apk) (think it’s newer than the one on the appstore), install it on your phone;
  • Connect your phone to your PC and transfer all the files/folders inside the “HoMM 3 Complete” directory to: Android\data\\files\vcmi-data (your phone directory should look like this)
  • Open app – Start VCMI – Enjoy

Author: José Fernandes


  1. Naraputa

    ExaGear Windows. Heroes of Might & Magic V you can emulate too!

  2. Naraputa

    Test of Heroes of Might & Magic V on Android with ExaGear Windows —


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