H4 Enhancement Mod v1.2 includes the latest advancements in Heroes 4 modding

New version of Enhancement Mod includes the latest advancements in modding of Heroes 4. Brand new adventure map objects with unique mechanics, support of all Equilibris 3.55 and H4ObjectPack maps, new Death town building and more. With new Plugin Manager you can easily customize game by creating your unique mods configuration. EM 1.2 comes with various plugins useful not only for this mod enjoyers, but for all Heroes 4 players!

Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod
Heroes 4 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

H4 Enhancement Mod v1.2.0a changelog:

Mod manager

Mod manager introduced! You can run it with “H4MS_Manager.exe” and choose what modifications should be applied on your game.


H4EM 1.2 comes with some plugins included:

  1. TurnOrderMod. Hold Shift or toggle Caps Lock to see order of turns in combat.


  2. H4EM FixPack. It includes only bugfixes and minor changes, if you want to play original Heroes 4 but improved you should, no, you must use this!
  3. H4EMAI. Improves AI and gives it some bonuses. It uses configurable “difficulty profile” system so you always can correct AI if you think it’s too strong or too weak.
  4. EnhancedAdvObjectPack. It includes new adventure objects added in EM 1.2 as well as objects from Equilibris 3.55 and H4ObjectPack. Turning this plugin on will make your game compatible with most maps made for Equilibris even if you are playing original version of the game!

Advanced Classes

Lots of advanced classes got buffs and reworks to make them unique and strong. Some of them can change the way you play drastically!

New buildings

Phylactery Forge (Death town): Grants visiting heroes Immortality.

Requires: Armory.

Cost: 6000 gold, 10 ore, 10 sulfur.


Cave Lair (Chaos town): Allows to recruit Trolls, Evil Eyes and Troglodytes for free (works like weaker creature portal but creatures cost 0 gold). Replaces Thieves Gauntlet building.

Requires: Den of Thieves or Orc Towers.

Cost: gold 4000, ore 8, crystal 2.


Order Library (Order town): Adds 1 extra order spell on every level of magic guild.

Requires: Magic Guild Level 1.

Cost: gold 2500, wood 2, ore 2, gems 4.


Adventurer’s Guild (Nature town): Allows to hire Order and Death heroes in the tavern.

Requires Tavern.

Cost: gold 1000, wood 15.

AdvGuildDemo 1

War Institute (Might town): University with Tactics, Combat, Scouting and Nobility skills.

Requires: Fort.

Cost: gold 4500, wood 5, ore 5, crystal 1, sulfur 1, mercury 1, gems 1.


Town Conversion

Heroes with Grandmaster Nobility now can convert towns to their faction.

More info about town conversion here: Moddb.com

New abilities for creatures

Positive Morale (Minotaurs): This creature’s morale can’t get lower than +2. It is also immune to Sorrow and Despair spells.

Corruption (Venom Spawns): This creature’s attack reduces target HP by 25% and applied healing or resurrecting effects by 75%.

Tactical retreat (Nomads): This creature can retreat from battlefield together with your heroes or on their own.

Gate Destroyer (Behemoths): This creature deals full damage to the castle gates.

Terrain walk (Dragon Golems): Creature ignores terrain penalties in combat (including quicksand).

Strikes and shoots twice (Gargantuans).

Invulnerable (Zombies): Creature resurrects loses at the start of its turn (power of resurrection = 10% of current stack HP).

Changed adventure map movement formula

Creatures with low movement were useless not only in combat, but also on adventure map because they slow down your army. Fast creatures on the contrary make your army significantly faster, so after playing Heroes 4 for a while you start ignoring creatures like trolls, earth elementals etc.

Enhancement Mod changes adventure movement formula to reduce difference between slow and fast creatures: maximum movement limit remains the same of 30, but minimum increased from 12 up to 20!

New adventure objects

Diamond of Purity: Allows to redistribute all skill points of hero who picks this gem.

Onyx of Change: Allows to redistribute all skill points of hero who picks this gem, but hero retains basic levels of primary skills.

Phylactery Forge: Grants visiting heroes Immortality.

Fountain of Venom: Grants visiting heroes Poison Attack for one battle.

Fountain of Bless: Grants visiting heroes Bless for one battle.

Sparkling Fountain: Reduces cost of visiting heroes spells by 2 for one battle.

EM 1.2 also supports objects from H4 Object Package by Karmakeld and Equilibris 3.55 (including artifacts). It’s more than 200 new objects!


Lots of bug fixes and QOL improvements to make Heroes 4 even better.

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