Fheroes2: Resurrection update v1.0.5 – AI in this release got a huge boost in logic

Today Fheroes2 team releasing a new version of fheroes2 project – 1.0.5! As usual the team made many changes since the last release and are excited to share details with you.

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Let’s start from the Editor relates changes. The team made internal source code restructure to allow to add new artifacts to the game. This change is invisible to players but essential to move forward with the Editor. Additionally, the team has started creating the Editor’s UI. There are many changes to be done but we are moving forward. As highlighted earlier the Editor is going to be a part of the same application.

Team reduced CPU usage for rendering and sound playback during battles. This helps with performance on low-end devices and also prolongs battery life on portable devices.

The team made significant changes for many UI elements in the game. For example, we added a blinking cursor for text input positioning, added missing shadows for Virtual Keyboard buttons, expanded Evil interface for windows which do not have this feature in the original game and many more. These are tiny changes which in general make the game experience even better.

AI in this release got a huge boost in logic. Team fixed multiple issues related to creature upgrades and hiring for AI heroes, make AI heroes to visit castles in advance (just before the first day of week), fixed cases when AI heroes did not meet each other in the middle of a turn and also enhanced logic for heroes to defend castles and attack enemy’s castles.

Besides these changes the team updated translations for many languages, fixed issues with several Android devices and fixed more than 30 bugs since 1.0.4 release.

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