ERA 3 Launcher v2.927 update + changelog

ERA 3 Launcher will help you quickly install and run these 3 modifications: In the Wake of Gods (ERA 3), Horn of the Abyss (HotA) and Master of Puppets (MoP). Please update game via “game control”.

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ERA 3 Launcher v2.927 changelog

# Game Enhancement Mod
+ Added a new script to fix the issue that on some XXL templates, a player might have more towns than the others and get huge advantage from the start – thanks to Archer30, Hawaiing;
+ Added a fix for AI army value overflow by setting a hard limit. Note that this value has been tested in saves. It cannot go any higher – otherwise the game will still stuck.
+ now artifacts description has no scroll bar and displays any textin the huge dlg;
+ all dlg plugins rewritten to avoid memory leaks i believe;
+ choose attack now have option to enable auto combat start – default is disabled;

# Era Scripts
* Refusal of dwellings: Now you won’t face 0 number of guards – thanks to Archer30;
* Tyrant: Fixed Tyrant disabling Extension Heroes. Now you can use both – thanks to Archer30;
* Town Treasure: Fixed the abuse with the Transfer Owner – thanks to Archer30;
* Mortal Heroes: Fixed text issue of Aura of Curse – thanks to Archer30;
* Third Class: Now if Warfare is enabled, a second warfare skill won’t be shown in the hero level up dialogue – thanks to Archer30;
* Grand Maneuver: Now the script also works on Sylvan Centaurs if either Extended Creature Upgrades or Sylvan Centaur creation is enabled. Fixed in some cases the script not working – thanks to Archer30;

# Mixed Neutrals Mod:
* Now if a stack of troops are left by a hero this stack cannot won’t be hostile – thanks to Archer30;
# Advanced Difficulties Mod
* Fixed sometimes Battle Commander won’t be summoned/bonus stats are not set on Battle Replay – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed the HP upper limit of Battle Commander – thanks to Archer30;
# Enhanced Henchmen
* Fixed henchmen stats appear to be lower on the battlefield – thanks to Archer30;

# WoG Graphics Fix Lite
+ Added missing Magic Wand/Slava’s Ring of Power png graphics – thanks to Archer30;
+ Update some portraits – thanks to Aphra;
+ Update Pikemen/Orcs icons – thanks to toriko94;

# WoG
– Skeleton Transformer Fix.bin: Cavaliers/Unicorns can no longer be converted to Black Knights, they would be turned into Skeletons – thanks to Archer30;
+ added missed redirection for the load game;

# WoG Scripts
+ Emerald Tower: New creature description would be added if a new ability is added to the creature by Emerald Tower – thanks to Archer30;
+ Enhanced Artifacts II: Reworked the way Diplomacy artifacts work. Now they work as additional levels of Diplomacy in negotiating with weaker monsters. This effect stacks with the hero’s Diplomacy level, max at Expert level. If the hero equip all the 3 Diplomacy artifacts, they would multiply the hero’s army strength by 3 (for calculating neutral monster joining and Thieves’ Guild) – thanks to Archer30;
* Resistance II: Fixed possible to resist own spells when equipping all the three Resistance artifacts – thanks to Archer30;
* Mithril Enhancement: Fixed not working on Advanced Witch Huts – thanks to Archer30;
* Resistance II: Fixed the behaviour of Resistance artifacts when enabled again – thanks to Archer30;
* Eagle Eye II: Nerfed the additional chance to counter the enemy’s friendly spell when equipping all 3 Eagle Eye artifacts from 30% to 20% – thanks to Archer30;
* Enhanced War Machines III: Reduced the price of Ballista from 2500 to 1500. A player reported, and I reviewed the wog team’s script. Ballista costed only 750. Many players did not like the huge increase on price so I decided to get it somewhere in the middle – thanks to Archer30; daemon_n thinks that 2500 is the right cost :emo_crag:
* Emerald Tower: Fixed monster name corruption after enhancement. Fixed wrong number showed in the dialog of rejecting to enhance due to too many creatures have already enhanced – thanks to Archer30;

Neutral Stack Exp: Fixed the timing to store stack exp option variable to achieve better compatibilities – thanks to Archer30;
Note that no script should play with UN:P900 except for neutral stack exp option. Otherwise, the script can break – thanks to Archer30;
* Bank: Fixed the text – thanks to Archer30;
* Berserker flies: added missed ability description – thanks to Archer30;
* Treasure chest II: Decreased chance to get lvl 4/5 Spell Scroll from chest – thanks to Archer30;
* Estates II: – thanks to Archer30;
erf the income gained from Estates II
Fixed the income calculated in the skill description dialog and the real income mismatches
Fixed getting 700 gold if the daily resource is set to 350 gold.
Fixed Estates specialty doesn’t work at all if either Estates I or Estates II is enabled
* Advanced Witch Huts: Fixed AI revisits infinitely – thanks to Archer30;
* Rebalance Heroes: Fixed the compatibility of Thant’s upgrade speciality – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed the Covers of Darkness not in the same position of the Cartographers they replaced – thanks to Archer30;
* Neutral stack experience: Fixed possible to turn off Stack Exp option in the mid game – thanks to Archer30;
* Enhanced Monsters: Make Ghosts daily loss work only when Enhanced Monsters is enabled again – thanks to Archer30;
* Summon Elementals: Now you can only summon elemental on the adventure map once a week – thanks to Archer30;
* Rebalanced Heroes: Fixed Sandro possible to upgrade Third Upgrade Skeleton to Skeleton Warriors – thanks to Archer30;
* Fixed Asmodeus possible to appear in the game as a normal hero – thanks to Archer30;
* Random Heroes: Moved the timing of placing random heroes so that it can be compatible with more scripts – thanks to Archer30;

– Disable debug msg on HE:S – thanks to Archer30;

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  1. Valery

    Yeah, as specified they rewrote many core WoG scripts, including battle ones, which basically broke compatibility with every mod made in the last 10 years which required WoG scripts. I think there were other ways to improve the game but good luck anyway, that’s huge work.


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