Heroes 5.5 RC18d update introduction of new mana mechanic

Mana Overhaul – Heroes now immediately recover their mana when visiting a town with a mage guild, interacting isn’t even needed, standing on a tile adjacent to the town is already enough, a message will indicate mana was restored. This will correct for ARMG sometimes placing a town at a very impractical angle. However increasing mana above the cap is no longer possible under any circumstance, mana will be reduced to cap level immediately if the knowledge of the hero goes down.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)
see discord server for large database of compatible maps (most maps from maps4heroes.com have to be edited to work properly)


  • frenzy costs +10 mana
  • teleport costs +4 mana
  • hypnotize initiative scaling is reduced below expert level (spell is shattered harder)
  • celestial has weaker base HP below expert level (spell is shattered harder and weaker when copied on unicorn)


  • fixed instances in Elven Female Hero model files, linking to non-existent assets
  • fixed game crashing when visiting a cartographer
  • fixed vampirism when cast on a shadow image stack, causing that stack to become permanent creature (old vanilla bug)
  • fixed elemental stockpiles actually giving more resources instead of the intended reduction listed in earlier patch notes
  • possibly reduced odds for installer falsely triggering antivirus programs
  • fixed H55 not working when disabling certain settings in .cfg files

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