Heroes 5.5 RC18c update with major technical updates


Heroes 5.5 RC18 has finally arrived! This release involved many technical changes so team had to reset the way of working. From a gameplay perspective it mainly serves to fix loose ends in the balance and many small bugs.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)
see discord server for large database of compatible maps (most maps from maps4heroes.com have to be edited to work properly)

Heroes 5.5 RC18 changelog:


-dredknight modified the implementation of hex edits in the MMH5.5 executable, moving most hex edits to a separate dll file. This should make the executable more stable and prevent triggering windows Data execution prevention and other 3rd party security software related crashes or failures to run at all.
-fixed some issues with female elven and academy model assets, to fix crashes when opening hero inventory


-eternal light is renamed searing light and now gives blind instead of cleansing and also +6 mana regeneration
-twilight now teaches eldritch arrow and empowered eldritch arrow and no longer boosts mana regen
-the rune of flame is slightly recolored and renamed rune of protection and now gives cleansing instead of eldritch arrow
-divine guardian now also gives regeneration and +2 defense, and swaps with divine fortitude depending on class
-light magic skilltree is restructured as in screenshot below.


-avengers have 10% chance for War machines and 8% for leadership
-rangers have 8% chance for War machines and 10% for leadership
-Avengers learn Imbue ballista instead of engineering
-Avengers learn ‘scorched earth’ after imbue ballista
-twisted avenger now gives +3 spellpower
-New perk in war machines ‘scorched earth’ gives +3 spellpower, gives all creatures +10% fire dmg, but lowers morale by -1 permanently


-Empowered spells damage bonus changed from 50% to 30% + 1% per hero level
-mark of the sorceror resets ATB to 0.33 instead of 0.25
-refined mana is renamed ‘arcane allies’ and gives +2 morale instead of +2 knowledge, except for chieftains it still gives knowledge
-Hellfire now has 66% chance to trigger instead of 30%, but inflicts 7*SP instead of 15*SP dmg at half the mana cost.
-magic mirror chance increases by 0.5% per hero level instead of 1%
-snatch no longer causes hero to keep movement points after fleeing combat
-imp scavengers and hold the line no longer have a level 10 requirement to give creatures,
-clarified description of imp scavengers
-fixed stat bonus not revoked when Learning is removed via Memory Mentor


-The raise dead spell is renamed to ‘reanimation’ and now also resurrects elemental creatures
-the master of conjuration perk now also gives +4 spellpower to wasp swarm
-the banish perk now also give +2 spellpower
-all elemental creatures are no longer affected by morale, so that summons can’t be countered with negative morale
-phoenix cost +4 mana, is 25% more durable and initiative scales to around +3 more at 25-30 SP,
-avatar of death is 25% more durable, +1 base speed and initiative scales to around +3 more at 25-30 SP
-summon elementals summons 2x sp instead of 1.8 sp at expert level
-air elementals +1 initiative
-fire elementals +1 initiative -1 dmg
-water elementals +2 min dmg
-earth elementals +1 max dmg
-water and fire affinity swap DBC value bonus
-elementals exp value increased by 10
-fixed wrong mana value in creaturepedia for water elementals
-fixed calculation for water elementals mana after splitting as neutral stack



-Armageddon no longer applies ignite
-frenzy loses twice more dmg per level if shattered
-sorrow base strength is reduced by -1 morale/luck per mastery level
-magic resistance perk effect lowered to 12%
-armor of forgotten hero resistance lowered to 8%
-sun cross resistance increased to 8%
-pendant of interference resistance lowered to 4%
-boots resistance lowered to 12%
-reduced aura of magic resistance creature ability to 24%
-reduced the scaling on the +HP creature mini-artifacts by 25%
-the golems magnetism ability absorbs 2% instead of 5% per weekly growth
-torpor lasts for 1.2 instead of 1 turn
-marksman +1 min dmg
-crystal dragons +5HP
-goblin defilers now cast 1x magical immunity instead of 2x cleansing and have 24 mana
-flamelords cannot cast flamestrike when they are neutrals
-added mana penalty for blood mistresses when splitting in 3 or 4
-fixed Djinn bad Luck cast positive luck on enemy instead of negative
-Multiplayer agrael starts with basic gating and is the only sorceror who can have it (like anwen)
-Sorgal starts with war machines and has his old specialization back
-Kythra starts with logistics
-freyda starts with master of wrath
-guarg starts with master of wrath
-ylthin and melodia start with master of wrath
-gem starts with arcane intuition and basic light magic
-default spell for knights is now divine strength instead of haste
-fixed divine guardian formula text
-resurrection messages after battles now indicate the type of resurrected creature



-added new bizarre oversized template GRID by Fraxinus, 8P-Grid, it has 81 zones and hundreds of portals
-elemental stockpiles give on average 33% less resources
-battle sites will now start growing their population on day 8, while before that the armies are ‘day 8 size’,
this fixes an issue with the growth curve making armies too small very early in order to make the math work well later.
-reduced guard strength of primary skill boost buildings on ARMG by 20%
-reduced difficulty in third zone of loop-l
-reduced difficulty in second zone of ladder-l
-added more dimension doors to team templates with zone size 6600+
-added more dimension doors to jebus middle zones

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